Monday, May 11, 2015

May 10th. Mothers day phone call!

We got to sort of Skype with Jeremy. Our connection was really bad and had issues talking with him but then his technologically advanced brothers got him on google hangout and we were able to talk to him. Such a fun conversation! So good to see him and to know all is well with him. Did a mothers heart good seeing him!

Jeremy was trying to teach me how to do a screen shot.

May 5th with pictures of his first baptism!

Hey mom, that’s nuts that you guys went to California! I’m so jealous! Thanks for all the pictures. Michael got baptized this last week so that was pretty awesome. I’ll send a few pictures. Also I found out more about I pads they are coming and they are going to be free. I won’t get to keep them though haha. I can’t find the email you sent me! But I’ll send a few pictures from the baptism.

 Jeremy with group of elders.
 San Diego sunrise! We were there for a week visiting our navy son Spencer. Just thought I would throw this one in because it was so beautiful!
Jeremy with group of Elders
Michael and his family
Jeremy with his companion and Michael, his first baptism.
Jeremy with a snake.

April 27th

I am doing good, Elder Green and I have been working hard knocking on doors haha. I have also been losing weight so hopefully I can keep goin! Michael hasn’t gotten baptized this week, he is going to get baptized this next weekend though so next p day I can send you pictures of it, along with the past like however long I haven’t sent pictures to you. but other than that it has been good out here, a lot more sunny the past few days haha, tell grandma and grandpas thank you for the money. I might just keep it on the card for now, I am going to try to not spend any personal funds at all. So yea haha it has been good. Yea you’re still old, haha! That sucks you guys have to move again but it least you don’t have to move all the crap we have out of the storage unit haha. Things will pick up when you get a job, just think maybe you didn’t get a job because you getting a job would’ve kept you from going to Washington and to San Diego (which I’m jealous of by the way take lots of pictures). Alec emailed me and that’s crazy haha, he has the strip in his mission!! And I knew about the ward splitting that sucks also, and that’s terrible that Bro Frame died, he was the one that taught me the temple prep course in 2 weeks instead of 5 haha, but he’s in a better place. England is going good, hopefully you guys have a place to skype me in a couple weeks. Oh ya! And the mission is getting iPads!! I don’t know too many details on it yet but I am excited for that. I’ll tell you more about it next week after the meeting in Leeds explaining it all to us. But you have fun in San Diego send me all the pictures of everyone, I love you and miss you!

Have a good week!