Saturday, December 5, 2015


November 23

This week was good, we got a referral from some other missionaries in Leeds and we are going to see her tonight. Her name is Stacey and she is 20 years old and also has a 2 year old son. So it is going to be cool, she is super nice. Other than that, I am a bit sick haha, it’s just a cough and a bit of a scratchy throat I’ll force my way through it haha. This week was good though I liked it, it did snow a bit but by the time we got out in it, only the ice was left haha. So it’s still alright on that front. One thing I learned this week was that when teaching someone about the law of chastity and the fact that they will have to get married to their partner that is living with them before they get baptized, to make sure that the person your teaching isn't drunk. That was an experience haha, he kind of just like yelled at his partner telling her to marry him, then when she said no he cursed at her and said "why not? I’m not going to get baptized now!" That was pretty hilarious, we talked to both of them later when he was sober and worked something out haha. He will get baptized eventually, she just wants him to prove that he is changing his life before they get married. So that was nice there haha. I know that we have a pizza hut near us haha, but imagine how expensive that pizza hut is back home, then times it by 3. We will not be eating pizza hut any time soon haha. We have our thanksgiving dinner that the senior couples in the mission are making all of us, that will be really fun, so yea I will have turkey this year, probably not as good as yours but we will have it. Thank you for sending the package though I will get it eventually. Also we got some cookies this week, and they weren't from Katy, they were addressed to me from a lady down near London, with a message from you inside. Do you know what that is about? Haha. So that museum we went to is called the royal armories, it is basically a museum full of Armor and weapons from so many different places and times. It was really really cool. I took like about 200 pictures haha. I’ll send a couple with this email. but it seems like things are still going good back home, just keep them going good for 10 more months and I will be fine haha. I am excited for skyping on my last Christmas in England as well. Oh by the way did you ever ask Spencer Missy or kc for money? Or anyone else? Haha make sure you mention that I have dropped 6 inches off of my waist and I need some clothes. Anyway I hope that you guys have a good week this next week. I love you and I miss you. My scripture is 1 Nephi 17: 49-51, I think I may have told you that one already, but nothing is impossible with god! If he wants us to do something, no matter what it is we can do it, and he will help is do it. So on that note I will have to let you go, but have a good week! I love you guys, I’ll talk to you next time!


Love Jeremy

November 16th


For the record no I haven't been photo-shopping my pictures! And I have been eating enough haha and you can hardly see me there. That’s a suit that when I bought it, it didn't fit me but now it fits! Haha but yea I am aiming to go home for my mission having a 32 inch waist so there is still more to go. I gotta lose my gut still! But yea zone conference was really good. It changed a lot of things for me right now haha, I am noticing that I actually have a desire to help people so that is good. my heart was really not in it haha, it got to a point that I was out here pretty much only so that you guys back home would be blessed, but now I can feel like I am staying out here so that I have the chance to help people. I can feel like more of a desire to actually work because I want to help people not because I need to. But yea it is good I am happy out here and I only have like 10 months left so I gotta keep going. That poem reminds me of how I felt when I left, imagine like all of those feelings but like all at the same time and then times that by 100 and that's about what it felt like. That’s how I feel like now when I think about going home. But yea I am doing well out here, this week was good, we got rained on all week. That was fun. Thank you for your advice, that's all I need to do is keep on going forward. I am excited to see what happens this next little bit. Today is going to be fun as well, we are going into Leeds to go to a museum and also to go have lunch with Scot, the guy I got baptized in Leeds. So it will be good. It’s good to hear that you guys are doing good, let me know if I can get you anything over here. Also tell my other siblings that if they want anything from here when I come home to give you the money and then you can give it to me. Also like none of my clothes will fit me when I get home, so I am thinking of going and buying some things in the Christmas sales, but I would need money. But yea its fine whatever they are willing to give and whatever I get I get, I am not too bothered. But money would be appreciated closer to the Christmas season. but I am doing good so don't worry about me, I still need to lose more weight by the end of my mission, and I am sorry but I won’t send you a picture of me until you see my on Christmas day so you will have to wait a month to see me. But yea I am running out of things to say haha. I hope you guys have a good weekAnyway I’ll look out for your package as well, I’ll talk to you next week! I love you!

Love Jeremy

November 11th

So yesterday was zone conference and it is also Remembrance Day today, so president wanted us to email our parents and tell them what we learned. The main thing that hit me after this last zone conference was that I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME! Now don't get me wrong I love you guys and I miss everyone back home. But I have a work to do out here and as of yet my heart hasn't been in the right place. So for this next year on my mission I am going to work on that the most. That is learning why I am out here, and working to achieve that goal once I find it out. At zone conference we watched a couple videos one was about a man who had a stroke after running a business for 30 years and helping the poor with food all the time and the bill for the stroke his daughter couldn't pay, but one of the people he helped 30 years ago was a kid who grew up to be the doctor that operated on his brain, and the debt was forgiven him by the doctor. So that kind of hit me mainly because these good things that we do in this life come back around. When we seek first the kingdom of god, all the things that we do will be given to us at some future time whether that be on the earth or after. But that was really good. Most of this zone conference was on the heart and having your heart in the right place. So yea that's about what stuck out to me, sorry I can’t write a lot to you but just know that this next year, things are going to change for the better, both out here and back home for you. But I love you and I miss you and I hope you guys are having a good week, I’ll talk to you next Monday!

Love Jer

November 9th

This week was pretty good, the guy we scheduled is still going for it, it was pretty funny he was a bit drunk when we set the date, so when he woke up the next morning he said I agreed to what?!?! Then his wife, who isn't too interested as of yet, said well you might as well get on with it! So that is good. He needs to stop smoking and drinking and smoking and as well we need to get them married, but he will get baptized I’m not gonna let him give up! But yea haha we also found a new person when we got in knocking, and we scheduled her as well. Her name is Wendy, she is pretty cool as well. The main scripture that kind of stuck out to me is this, its 1 Nephi 17:49-51, I shared that scripture with the man who we have to get him married. His name is Peter and he is a recovering alcoholic as well and he smokes all the time. It kind of puts it into perspective that when god wants us to do something he will give us a way to do it. No matter what it is? But yea haha. So that was good. But I am running out of time, this week was good and it seems like your weeks should be getting better. I gotta go I love you and I miss you a lot. Just keep on pushing. I hope you have a good rest of your week. And I’ll talk to you next time!