Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2nd

Can you believe its November already? Jeremy got transferred to Dudley Hill which is by Leeds.

England does celebrate Halloween but not as big as America does. Missionaries aren't allowed to be outside passed 6 o clock on Halloween so no I don't get to do anything. I will give you my address at the end of this letter, uhh I did get shoes and I got them with the money that I’ve been pulling out of the card. I don't need any money right this second but eventually I will need some haha. I got Katy’s spice package and I gave her my address last night so she can send me the stuff she wants to send me. Hopefully she doesn't sent me English q tips, those things suck! That’s why I wanted you to send me some haha, but yes just send this package to the mission office, just make sure you mark it as not a Christmas package haha. My new area is pretty cool, I like it a lot. My companion is a pretty cool guy he is from Australia, and his name is elder Boynton. He’s a good guy, a bit shy but everyone is haha. The ward is good I like the flat as well. We are teaching some people, we actually scheduled one of them for baptism last night, he is a great guy. He like shook my hand and looked me in the eye and did like a prison stair down with me, and he asked me will this make me clean? It was pretty cool that I could actually not look away at all and look him dead in the eye and say yes. It was a good experience anyway tell Kevin to send that letter! Haha I am still writing Kayla, I am waiting on one from her right now. So yea haha this week was good and next week will be good as well. But I better close up I’m running out of things to say. But yea I love you and I miss you and if you need anything let me know. I hope you have a good week!

Also my address is, 

Flat 5 Behrens Warehouse

26 East Parade

Bradford, BD1 5HD



Well there you have it, haha. I’ll talk to you next week!


Love Jeremy


October 27th

Things here are good, I did get transferred to Dudley hill, I don't know the name of the guy I am serving with but I do know that he is from Australia so that's kinds cool haha. But this week has been good, hopefully I when I go down to Dudley hill (which is back near Leeds by the way) I’ll be able to stay there for a little while haha. I don't like packing! I’m good at it but I still don't like doing it. But yea this last Monday we went to the peak district and did a good 12 mile hike around there, it was really fun haha. I took a lot of pictures but ill sent you a couple. Today we are just going to go into town and look around for the last time, and I am going to go by some shoes because I was never able to earlier. But it will be a good day today and a good week as well. It will most likely fly by so it will be fun. But let me know if I can do anything for you, I love you and I miss you. And I’ll talk to you next week! I’ll try not to forget to send the pictures as well haha. Have a good one!

Love jer



October 19th


I am doing well, we are working really hard out here and I am still losing weight just like I was before, except even faster haha. Things are good here, it’s getting cold and the leaves are changing a lot. Today we are going to the peak district so that will be really fun, I’ll send you pictures of that next week. I think that I am moving I don’t want to make and predictions for where I am going though because I don’t want to get them right haha. I am pretty much ready to leave this area, it’s in good hands. But as well we found a bunch of people this last week so I won’t be excited to leave them. We found 5 new people, taught them all, and scheduled them all for the 14 of November for their baptismal dates. That was really good, and this week flew by because I have been busy. I hope this next week is good as well. Sorry I am typing a lot of typos but I am going kind of fast because I only have an hour today because we are going hiking so we got permission to leave early haha. But yea haha the story Katy wanted me to tell you that was while I was on the phone with her last night I found a lizard on the ground, there are not lizards in England, especially at this time of the year. but I found it and it was still alive just it couldn’t move because it was so cold, so I picked it up and put it in my pocket with me hand around it and it came back to life and started like moving a whole bunch in my hand. Anyway I named him Fred and he jumped out of my hand and I couldn’t find him because it was dark so he is probably dead now but it was pretty funny. but hey I got to go, I still need to send my email to president so yea I hope you have good week, don’t work too hard, and let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Haha I’ll talk to you next time!


Love Jeremy,

(How’s that for a novel mom!)

October 12th



Haha you would like it when I email on my iPad, it’s hard to do though because I’m so used to typing either on a little screen or on a keyboard, not that weird mechanical device in my hands. But things are going good here, I’m still working, still losing weight and I plan on changing a lot more by the time my year is up! Yea I know that the new Slovak missionary is coming in, there is another one as well and I also know both of their trainers, good guys. Teaching is still going good, we haven't found anyone new but it has been really fun just to go around and try haha. I am in a branch of Slovakians, they are good, but they don't understand anything and it’s hard to teach them the simplest things. Half of them still believe in the trinity! Haha it’s really funny at church when you hear something that it just a little bit way off from what is actually right haha. I haven't taken any pictures of myself recently haha I am still losing weight but just know that you will get a picture eventually... patience. I am doing well though everything I have is doing well, I just got a haircut and it looks great! uhhh yea it’s going to be a good week this week, and I only have one more after that until the end of the transfer so it should be interesting to see what happens because elder frahm (my companion) goes home at the end of next transfer (December 2) so I will most likely move haha. But president Pilkington gets released around June time next year. So I get 4 months with a brand new mission president! Haha that will be interesting. Anyway I love you and I miss you and I will talk to you next week! Let me know if you need anything and if there is anything you want to know. Have a good week! Don’t work yourself to hard!


Love Jeremy


October 5th


Haha it's weird, I am emailing on my iPad because the computers are down again. But it is really fun out here I am doing really well. Conference was really good for me I saw almost all of it, only missed priesthood and the Sunday evening session. The only advice that I could come up with for you is to just think about Moroni 10:3-5, it says that you need to have real intent before you can receive an answer to a prayer. I use that scripture every time I tech someone about prayer, but real intent is something more than that. I've only realized this recently so bare with me. We have to show real intent at many times of our lives, when we want to know If the church is true we show our real intent to God when we are baptized or when we live all the commandments as we should, God isn't going to show us anything that we want to know if we aren't putting in the effort we need to in order to act on the answer we receive. So just by us trying to live the commandments and doing the things we are supposed to do, we show God that we are worthy of receiving e answer we need. The answer we get might not always come in the way that we expect, but that's where the faith comes in. Do you remember Indiana Jones and the last crusade, when he was trying to do all of the challenges in the end? One of them was a "leap of faith" he had to take that first step onto that invisible bridge, and only when he made that first step was when he thought to throw the sand onto the bridge to see it. That's the way that we have to work with things we might be skeptical about. We have to make that first step before we can know whether it's the right thing or not, or whether God will bless for the things that we are doing. The talk that spoke to me the most was uchtdorfs as well, being on my mission I have noticed more and more how simple things actually are. We follow the commandments and get the ordinances we need to and God promises us eternal life with him and Jesus Christ in the celestial kingdom. It's as simple as that, Satan is that one that makes it seem to hard or makes it seem so out of our reach that we could never get there, but the point is that the only reason we can do this is because our older brother Jesus Christ already made that sacrifice so that we could be clean enough to enter into Gods presence. I like how he said that this gospel is so simple and child can grasp it yet so profound that it may take eternity to know everything, and that's the point! We need an eternity, all we have to do is worry about the stuff we know to be true now and then build from there. So yea I don't know everything, and I don't profess that I do, but I do know that to be happy in this life and to be happy in the life to come we need to follow god’s standards, leaving all other things behind and seeking first the kingdom of God. I look forward to the day that I can say that I have done all that I can to follow Christ, and actually look back and know that I am telling the truth. Of course it's hard but it's also easy at the same time, if you are willing to let go of the things in your head and start to follow the feelings that the spirit is giving in your heart. I know this church is true, and I know that I amount here for a reason. But just keep going don't give up on anything, I'll be home in a year to help you guys out with money and to also try not to be too much of a burden that I was last time.


Things are going good out here, we have two knew people that we taught, they are for the chek republic. So that is really good, I can't understand what they are saying as well as I can understand Slovak. But it's pretty much the same language. Anyway have a good week! I love and you and I miss you as well. Let me know if you need anything. Talk to you later!

Love Jer


September 28th

That’s great! Haha good to see things are looking up! Things will always work out though just keep going. Have you asked for your job back at the VA yet? Or even a better job? Haha that’s a nice jeep, grandma looks good as well haha things are going good here, I’m still improving, and I think haha. I got a funny story though, this guy yesterday, he started arguing with us like really bad, after 20 minutes of us trying to calm him down, he told us to leave. We started walking away and he started calling us cowards and stuff and that we were evil spirits, or possessed by the devil. So he told us to turn around and face him like men, so we did, we turned around and stood a good 15 feet away from him, and he started saying that we were assaulting him and harassing him and that he was going to call the cops. We didn’t really move haha we just were like talking to each other not to him, then he rebuked us in the name of Jesus Christ! Haha this guy who 20 minutes earlier said that he is sort of religious and that he doesn’t go to church. He said it in a funny way as well, it was like a teenage girl saying a back handed compliment then flipping her hair and walking away haha. But then we just stood there out of spite because he didn’t really have to authority to say to us and have it work, but then he spit in our general direction and told is to f off, so we left haha. He’s a pretty good guy though, had a really pretty dog. Yesterday was a very fun day haha, this week has been good as well. We found a couple new people from the chek republic, they are nice. Elder Frahm and I get along well we work hard together, so that’s all that matters. My health is fine I still have another like 13 days on the pills and my garments are fine! Haha but I’m starting to really enjoy being out here more, I think it is because I am working a lot harder than before. But I love it out here and I love the people I meet, even if they don’t like my like that guy does haha. But I am excited for general conference on Sunday and Saturday, we will miss one session because the Slovakian branch has regular fast Sunday on conference Sunday haha, but we will see one or two of them, I am excited for it! I like listening to the talks there, they always teach me something I never knew, on my mission especially! But hey I better let you go, but one more thing, don’t sell me Xbox! I bought it with my own money! Haha and Xbox is way better then ps4 anyway so don’t do it! Just wait a year! Haha. But yea I hope you have a good week! I love you and miss you! Let me know if you need anything, the only thing I would add to the package is crest 3D white toothpaste, English toothpaste sucks. But yea have a good week! Love you!


September 21st

Life is good! Haha things are doing fine, I still like it here and since I am staying here for at least another transfer, I get to like it even more. The investigators are doing well, we actually found a new one named Thomas from hungry. He’s a really good guy, the language barrier makes it hard to teach him but it is fun haha. Everyone else except for like only one or two are Slovak. One of them is Romanian, language barrier there as well. Other than that we have one English guy that we kind of need to drop haha. This area is supposed to be only Slovak people but since we are doing so much regular finding, we are finding people that aren't Slovak haha. It’s good that way because all of the people who are Slovak know that missionaries and aren’t too bothered with is. Where we are, there are mostly immigrants living, we figured it’s about like this. There is 80% Muslims (Pakistan, Middle East, Bangladesh, Indonesia, wherever else) about 10% Slovak (not bothered, the ones that are are already members), then 9.5% other European countries (Poland, Russia, Romanian, Africa, not to bothered), then there’s .5% English people (slammed doors every time). It’s really really fun! Haha England is part of the European Union so like all the European countries get in free, then they kind of just let anyone else in as well. Sheffield is good, it’s a city not a town, and most of the places around are filled with immigrant’s haha but I better end this one haha, I hope you have a good week! I love you and I miss you! Let me know how everything goes! I’ll talk to you next time!

September 15th


Things are going good here, we aren’t teaching too many people, no new ones either. Mainly just this family of 4 with the parents, Milan and viola, they are super good. We are getting them married then they will be able to be baptized haha. Also we are teaching another couple named jozef and magdelena, they are pretty cool as well, they are older and should be baptized on the 26th of September. Hopefully! I am staying in Sheffield, but probably only for one more transfer. Elder frahm goes home in December so they wouldn’t keep me here for the 5 weeks that he is here after this transfer. Maybe we should’ve sold the beetle when we had the chance haha, I promise that I didn’t break anything on it if that makes you feel any better. Did dad ever sell the jeep? Or is that one just on hold for now because that’s the only car? That sucks to hear about dad’s knee! Man everything is happening back home right when I can’t be there the help you guys with anything! You guys always pull through, always have, and always will. I think that’s like one of the best things I’ve learned from you two, is to never give up! Things pile up on you guys all the time but you seem to always just pick it up and keep going. Never stop changing! Haha but will grand junction be low enough for your heart? And did you get cleared for work yet? Also look on the bright side with moving back to junction so if I were you I would just try to get back on my feet in junction then try to move on from there you know? But I’m happy for you guys just don’t give up! yea I actually need to get kitties number, she didn’t call me last night like she usually does on transfer nights, maybe something is going on. And I don’t know too many people who have gotten year packages haha I’ve been with old missionaries my whole mission. I’ve been thinking about what I need though haha. Its might be kind of big but he stuff I think shouldn’t be too heavy so here it is. ok so dill pickle sunflower seeds, 2 old spice bearglove deodorant sticks (dry ones, not the gel, the one you sent me in the lest package gave me a rash in my armpits for some reason), spices for cooking chicken in a frying pan and also for like vegetables (peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, broccoli, stuff like that), uh those paper mate g2 pens (the pens suck here in England) and a big things of qtips again (I’m almost out of the one I came out with). So yea there is it haha, those are just suggestions though so just let me know if there is anything you need haha. But yea I’m doing good, haha I don’t really know what to say. Just let me know if I can do anything haha, I love you and I miss you both. Have a good week!

Love jer