Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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January 26, 2015

So this email, Jeremy emailed me and I was up when it came in so we had a small conversation through emails. Also I was worried about his ears and decided to contact the mission presidents wife to see if she could see what needed to be done to get this taken care of. She was very sweet and said she loves Jeremy and his smile. She said she would take care of it and that Jeremy never really said anything about it but she was happy to know that he told me so she could get him a Dr. appt. Also a chav is what we sometimes call Ghetto or trailer trash. That's what he told me anyways. The letters mean something but I can't remember.


Well I did tell sister Pilkington. I told her that it was still there it just didn’t hurt the ringing was still there but it just didn’t hurt. I told her I was going to finish the rest of the box of the antibiotics they gave me and see if it goes away, and if it didn’t I would call her for another doctor appointment. So in reality you didn’t really make me go and neither did she ha-ha, I just knew that I needed it and went. The doctor was this South African guy and he like freaked out when he saw my ear and asked me why I wasn’t on the ground crying lol. Maybe it was just that the pain was so bad earlier so that now that it is still there but not as bad I can’t feel the pain ha-ha. But he gave me more antibiotics and I’m still taking them, so I will know if it works in a week. Grimsby is pretty cool, it is super ghetto and there are lots and lots of chavs. But other than that it is cool. We haven’t been up to the pier yet even though we keep on planning on it. Ha-ha my new companion Elder Gurney, he’s pretty cool we get along really well, he likes the same music I do and he is not 27 years old like Elder Olsen so he understands me more haha. We got a new investigator named Tristan this last week, yes the first one of my mission. But he is really cool, we hung out and waited for him to finish playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (made me super trunky) but then we had a lesson and he said that he would want us to come back and teach him more. That is really the only thing that is cool that has happened this last week. just a lot of walking and finding and knocking and getting argued with by a few people haha but yea haha this week has gone by fast so I’m just going to keep working and see how long it will go by fast for. I have been getting emails from spencer but not kc. missy emails me a lot ask her about it haha. But I did get the picture from Katie and I printed them off thanks for doing that, but done hesitate to send any more! Haha so what’s in the package? And did I ever tell you I saw chad in the mtc just a little bit before he left for the field? The letter was really cool that isn’t going to happen to me anytime soon haha, but yea I better end this one. Oh yea can I have some money on my card? I ran out of sacred funds and I had to use the rest of my Christmas money so I have to wait until I get more sacred funds reimbursed to get it back but my reserves are out! Haha I don’t care how much just something haha but yea I’ll talk to you next week. oh wait one more thing, I asked Elder Gurney about you guys coming to get me and he said that that isn’t allowed because some missionaries screwed it up and didn’t leave by the time there visa ran out so I don’t know if he is over exaggerating but it doesn’t sound like we can do it. But that’s ok because wouldn’t a car and a phone for me when I get back be cheaper? Haha but alright I love you and I’ll talk to you next week! Have a good one.

Love Jeremy

Lol that was the deal wasn’t it? I go on a mission and come back to not having to walk around all day anymore haha

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No car and no phone. You are pretty funny!

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Maybe a phone and you can always drive the bug! I will see about getting you money. How much do you need?

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Is the bug still running? And I’ve been told that driving that car is gay so I want a super reliable hatchback when I get back haha.

I don’t really know how much 100 pounds would be nice (140 dollars) but anything is fine haha are you at work right now?

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I’m about to get kicked off haha I love you and I’ll talk to you next week


Email from another elder

So our friend Michelle Knebel who lives in Colorado Springs has a son the same age as Jeremy on a mission in Texas. He and Jeremy were in the MTC at the same time. Michelle shared an email from another elder in his mission and I thought it was amazing. So I shared it with Jeremy and I thought I would include it on this blog. It was very inspiring.

Elder Williams Awesome Missionary Experience!!

"Elder Brewer and I had an incredible opportunity this past Wednesday. Honestly, it was the coolest thing I have ever done in my entire life. The head pastor of the Episcopalian church here in Kingwood asked for us to come and teach about our religion to his congregation. President asked Elder Brewer and I to go and take care of it. Long story short, we taught a 45 minute restoration lesson to an entire church and then had a 30 minute question and answer section. How cool is that! I don’t think the pastor expected us to convert his congregation, you should have seen his face when we started our presentation by stating," we know that each of you have great faith in Christ, we invite you this night to consider what his will is for you. Pay attention to the holy ghost that will be present and consider the things that it will teach you this night." Mom, the spirit was so strong in that church. We had never taught a lesson together up to that point, but the spirit allowed us to teach in perfect harmony. I can’t even explain how it felt to bare testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith and then invite a whole church to put their faith in God and read that book and pray to God to know of its truthfulness. I felt like Wilford Woodruff or Dan jones of old. The entire congregation listened intently, absolutely stunned that two 20 year old boys could teach in such a way, quoting from the Bible and explaining true doctrines with simplicity. We were so thorough in our teaching of the restoration, that their questions were not "bashy" questions. We were able to explain everything from church history, Joseph smith's life, temples and family history, baptism, the sacrament, the spirit world, and of course polygamy. The whole congregation was intently listening and searching their souls. When we finished, many of the members came up to us and requested a book of Mormon. Each one of them said that they had Mormon neighbors and how great of families they were and that they wanted to read the book of Mormon to know if it is true. We handed out about 20 book of Mormons. The head pastor came up to us and asked for a Book of Mormon, he then told us that he wanted to take us to lunch so we could teach him more about it. Since then, he has called us twice and sent president Drake 2 emails thanking us for the job we did. We are going to lunch with him this week. I am just amazed that God allowed us that precious opportunity. Going into it we were both so nervous, but we knelt in prayer and pleaded with God to grant us the spirit. We both felt confident that there were many souls in this congregation that would accept the gospel. God truly answered our prayers. It will be awesome to see what comes from this experience! Not many missionaries get the opportunity to teach an entire church that is a dream come true!"
Elder Williams


One is a war memorial in town that we walked by it was pretty cool.

The second one is pretty self-explanatory ha-ha but it was hilarious so I got it.

The one that is just a long street is like this super ghetto part of town we were walking in and the sky was really cool so I took a picture, right behind me in that picture was a solid steel wall separating this ghetto part of town from the posh side ha-ha it was pretty fun knocking in there.

The other one is the view from the study room, I had to hang my camera out of the window to get it but it looks cool to me ha-ha

January 19, 2015

Jan 19


Thank you. Ha-ha that’s all I can come up with to say. I love you guys a lot and I miss you but in this new area I am going to work harder than I have been I can feel it. My new companion is Elder Gurney, he is from Provo Utah, and he is a pretty awesome guy ha-ha way easier to be around then Elder Olsen. But I’m in a flat with two other missionaries Elder Zitting and Elder Green. They are pretty good too. It’s weird going from a super disobedient flat to a super obedient flat ha-ha. But I’ll get used to it. This next transfer is going to go by fast because we have been knocking and street contacting about 16 hours in the last 4 days. It is going to be fun ha-ha. But I’m happy you got my package and I’m thinking about sending one to spencer kc and missy too not as sad and depressing but just kind of the same thing I guess. But this town is pretty cool I like the shopping more and the library is way better and I got to see the ocean for the first time since I was like 6 or whenever we were in California. I crossed the longest suspension bridge in the world to get here. Walking around me and Elder Gurney have seen some pretty cool/interesting stuff ha-ha, I’ll send pictures. but things are looking up ha-ha, minus my ear ha-ha it doesn’t hurt anymore but I’m all out of antibiotics and my ear is still plugged up and I can still hear the ringing and my heartbeat ha-ha. I should probably go into the doctor and get more pills this week we will see if it happens though ha-ha. I love you guys and I’ll talk to you next week have a good one!

Love Jeremy

January 12, 2015

Jeremy has had a bad ear infection. I was told from a member that it was draining it was so bad. So I know he didn't want to go to the Dr. again but I was worried about it. He also told us in a letter that there was a missionary who was transferred to be with Jeremy and his companion because he needed help. The elder was discouraged and a little bitter. He was struggling and it made the whole flat struggle with feeling the spirit the way they should. This transfer to me is a good thing. That elder was having problems and it was not a good thing or Jeremy who was newly out. They were not teaching or meeting any one. Plus they were all sick. So hopefully once he is in his new area he can begin again and feel better about things.
Oh and my ear is still draining but it is going away. These first two transfers haven’t been like a regular mission nothing is happening at all that’s why I haven’t been able to tell you very much because the stuff I would tell you doesn’t matter at all. I’ve already told you everything about my situation here in newton ayecliffe that is nothing here besides awesome members. I’ll be able to tell you about the next place when I get there but I will try to write you more from now on I’m sorry for not giving you very much information but I love you and I miss you a lot I can’t stop thinking about home for some reason so I don’t have time to realize what’s going on here. But I’ll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy

More pictures

Jeremy went to see the castle in Durham where some of the Harry Potter series was filmed at. He said they were closed to tourist because they got there so late. They really weren't supposed to be on the grounds but went anyways to get some pictures.


January 13, 2015

Jan 13

Well I’m doing well I got in to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics and I’ve been taking them for about a week. The ear infection is still there but it is going away still, I am just going to take the antibiotics until I does, I don’t want to go into the doctor again. I am getting transferred but I am not going there until tomorrow, so I still got time to figure out all those questions from you ha-ha. But I am moving to a place called Grimsby and I am going to serve with elder gurney. Elder Olsen said he is awesome he has served around him before. And for the book of Mormon I didn’t really learn anything new I just got a new perspective on what I did know. I’m super excited to move but I am a little bit nervous as well, it will all be ok in the end ha-ha just got to not get my head chewed off ha-ha. I am keeping warm and doing fine with all of that stuff. I’ll write you next week and let you know my new flat address and tell you about elder gurney. But I hope you have a good week, I love you and miss you.

He was transferred to Grimsby.
It is up on the coast. I had a ward member over there by the name of Jo Wenman describe to me what was Grimsby like. She made sure the elders had cereal and a tea time set up the day they got there. I am thankful for those ward members who take such good care of the missionaries there. She said,
Grimsby is set on the north east coast of England. It is a port and historically the major fishing port of the u.k. It is home to many food factories and is known as Europes food town. It is in fact home to the best Fish and chips in England! It's neighbouring town is Cleethorpes, which is a seaside resort and a popular holiday spot for families, due to it's award winning sandy beaches.
His new address.
4 Bowers Avenue
North East Lincolnshire
United Kingdom
DN31 2BG




January 5, 2015

Jan 5


yea that sucks that you are all sick but if it makes you feel any better, I have like one of the worst ear infections right now then I’ve ever had in my life ha-ha. I’m going to the doctor sometime this week hopefully. I didn't go shopping at all on Boxing Day the buses were shut down so I got stuck here ha-ha, but it was fun we just watched movies all day. But I’m learning a lot right now I finished my book of Mormon and now I need to write the answer to mu question in the back. And start another one! But I went on exchange for a couple days with the zone leaders in Hartlepool, and they got all of us in the flat sick ha-ha. So we are all just banging our heads against a wall getting cabin fever from being stuck in the flat. Ha-ha. My mission is going fine ha-ha it should get better. This is transfer week next week so if you haven't sent those pictures don't send them until I tell you my new address if I move. But if you have sent them they should get here by then. But I love you guys and thank you for the pictures. I miss you guys too, I’ll talk to you next week.


December 29, 2014

Dec 29


It was really great talking to the family it seems like I was in the room which is exactly what I needed ha-ha. But we ended up not going anywhere for boxing day because there were no buses and we couldn't get anywhere it was pretty boring but fun at the same time. Tell grandma thank you for me ha-ha. It snowed a little bit but not too bad, it is just wet here when it snows like giant balls of slush falling from the sky ha-ha I’m fine here I got a little bit of an ear infection because England's air pressure changes so fast here my ears are being dumb, but that happens to every missionary here. As for my testimony it has like tripled ha-ha about a lot of stuff. I don't know how to explain it I just feel so sure. The rest of my week was good I’m going to send you and dad something but it is only for you and dad ha-ha but I need everyone else's addresses so I can send them something to. But yea hopefully you have a good week back at work, hopefully I will too ha-ha. I love you I’ll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy


I realize I am so behind. Bishop Anderson told me on Sunday that he had not seen any blog updates lately. I am a slacker. So I am repenting and will try to update this blog and add the pictures. Just don't tell Jeremy I am so behind!

So this is an email from just before Christmas.

Well we got dropped ha-ha by the guy we were going to teach. He told us not to come over any more but its ok. He is still a cool guy. That’s awesome that they surprised you while you were emailing me ha-ha tell them I said I love them lol. It would be cool to have it on the TV so I can see everyone I don’t know how it will work out just keep everyone in for until I call you. It will probably be like around 9-10 in the morning there when I do it so you just gotta be ready ha-ha. I don’t know how I will get in contact with you guys it might just be a phone call from Gary Hancock the guys house I’m at phone ha-ha so just be ready for whatever. Have your phone on you it could be emails it all depends on what they will let me use over there at their house so yea just be ready ha-ha. I’ll send you the pictures really fast but I gotta go so have a good week I’ll talk to you on Christmas day!!

We were talking about Skype and also his brother Spencer who is in the Navy kept telling me that his leave was denied and could not come home for Christmas. Then at about midnight he came walking in to my work and surprised me. Great Christmas present. I told him that wasn't nice to do to a moms heart but it was worth having him home. Skyping with Jeremy was such a great thing. I miss him very much and his constant chatter and noise at our home. Also the noise of his friends. Jeremy was happy and smiling. We talked for a long time and he did not want to get off. We had all the fanily in the room chatting with him. He looks good. Same Jeremy, moving constantly. I told him to just sit still but it was impossible for him. He had a good Christmas with a family who we were able to meet the dad and daughter. Jeremy wanted us to experience true England accent.