Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 15th

This week has been good, nothing really new has happened. For the record my voice didn't crack, I just couldn't talk because I suck at speaking in front of people. It was a hard subject but since I only had 1 day to prepare for it, I didn't have too much time to get homesick haha. As for the things I wanted, the farewell and the exam are all the ones I can think of. I don't really remember what I have in there, but if there is anything that you want to send me, or you think I would like in my stuff, go for it! Haha your foot is still dead? When did it die? How did it die? I’ll just ask you a thousand questions and see what information I can pump out of you haha. Old people are the worst haha, crazy lady just wants to make sure she’s not being bamboozled, by your young whippersnapper shenanigans. (Thank you for spell check) but yea things are going good here, this week is the last full week, so yes next week p day will be on a Tuesday. Also we have interviews on Wednesday this week. The interview is just to see how we are doing, normally quite uneventful, but this week we also get out iPads! They are officially not all the way here but still in our hands. They have so many restrictions for now that they are pretty much electric scriptures, but that's all I really wanted them for anyway, I am not going to carry that thing around with me all the time like they say eventually I should haha. As far as teaching is concerned nothing has really changed, we have had more service projects here so it is cool, I am finally not as pail as I have been because of, well, England. So if you are going to send me anything wait until I tell you my new address. If I end up moving, I think I will I’ve been here for 6 months.  But anyway I better shut up now, I love you and miss you a whole bunch. I’ll talk to you next Tuesday, have a good week!

Love Jer

June 8th


Woah lots of questions haha. I heard that you were moving! from dad. But that's great that little house is still crazy expensive but that's good your out of the hotel. Things over here are good, nothing is really happening that is too different, it’s going good though. So now for the questions, let me know if I miss any.  I am not teaching anyone new just the usual few, they are doing good, beryl the 80 year old women, came to church this last Sunday so that was really good. I did hem my trousers back up, they look good surprisingly but yea haha I did a decent job. When I baptized Michael all I could really think of was not dropping him but other than that I looked back up at his kids standing at the glass and just yea thought about how long he had been waiting to do this. That’s about it haha. This week I helped a guy with cerebal palsy paint his room, he got our number and asked us for help because it was hard for him to do it, so elder Powell and I went over and helped him out, that was good. I don't really go to family home evenings the often but this week we have one scheduled with two awesome families both of them less active but it is going to be really good. We cook something every Friday for lunch, the things we make are super good, other than that sandwiches, pizza, granola and pasta are good with me haha. I make it fine on the money they give me out here, it’s perfectly enough. There is petrol stations around but not as many, no public bathrooms, the soda is super expensive there haha. The small corner shops are better, cheaper that is. In personal study I am studying preach my gospel and just the scriptures in general. I get my iPad on 2 weeks when I have interviews with president Pilkington. I haven't seen those tab things but yea I don't know if I really need them haha. And I have heard from Alec haha. But it’s been really good, lots of questions, but yea I love you and I miss you. I hope you have a good week and I let you know the price of the packages I send. But I’ll talk to you later, have a good week.

Love Jeremy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1st

June 1

Hey mom,
this week was good, it was kind of long but fun anyways. I don’t know
why I was looking forward to this week but I guess I was haha, I can’t
believe Alec is leaving for his mission in a couple days. Hopefully he
feels ready I haven’t talked to him in a little while, but yea haha. I’m
happy you had a good time at church talking to all of my friend’s haha.
It’s always good to know people kind of remember me haha. I’m
happy papa is still around, all he needs to do it make it the best
time possible while he is here. As for me I’m doing good, just working, walking,
and talking haha a lot. But it is good here in England I really like
it still, I would’ve thought that I wouldn’t like it by now but I still
do. I don’t really need anything right now at all, I’ll be sure to let
you know when I do. I’ll talk to you guys next week, I love you and I
miss you. Have a good week!
Love Jeremy

May 26

May 26

I’m doing well, it's been a long week haha. Thank you for all of your advice, that’s exactly what everyone has been saying to me haha, including President Pilkington. I just need to sit back and think of all those people and see if I can become a little bit out of all of them, and keep on working hard, I need to work harder. For the record (I’ve told you this before) I just can't talk to family very well haha, and I think I am getting better at sharing what I’m feeling. I don’t think it’s possible to be a missionary with no feelings and still have people like you at home and wherever you're at. I have come to realize that as I work hard the lord will change me into what he wants me to be. I never thought of it like that because I was always too afraid to let him. I don’t know what my deal was, maybe my head got in the way, or I just didn't trust him enough. But I plan on doing everything I can, to make it so he can change me into whoever he needs me to be. other then all of that I am doing good, elder Powell is good, he's super quiet so it’s making me talk to people more than I have had to do in the past, but it’s really fun with him. In Grimsby there used to be 4 elders now there is only 2 so we absorb each other’s people we were teaching. But we have been trying to find people for a lot of our time this week, but nothing is really happening, so no one really new that we are teaching. But it will pick up, as long as we get to work. I am feeling good, I’m looking forward to this next week. It should be good. Thanks for always being there mom, I hope I come back still being a person that you would say that too. I love you and miss you. I’ll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy

Oh and check out my new haircut!

May 18th

May 18


So let me explain this whole thing with President Pilkington, I am not homesick. I’m not worried about home. I still know that I need to be out here on my mission, and I still plan on finishing as hard an I can. What our conversation was about, was just me asking him what I could do to change on my mission and what I could do to find out who the person is I want to turn into. So I will ask you the same questions I asked him. What are some questions I could ask myself to find out where I’m at, and where I want to be? and I’ll ask you one that I didn’t ask him, what would be some things that you would want to change about me on my mission and what are some things that I could change to be better? Coming out on a mission wasn’t too much of a culture shock, I’m not that much of a hermit that I can’t handle talking to people haha. I’m fine mom, I’m just seeing how I can improve, you don’t need to worry about me, and I can do this :). And for the record I still don’t really trust you driving a 4 wheel drive truck haha. But yea this week has been good my first week with elder Powell haha, has a pretty good guy, has shy but good. I’m looking forward to this next transfer with him, especially that we combined two areas into one so now we have like the most investigators and less actives I have seen my whole mission. Haha it’s going to be good. But that’s about it for me I may be getting kicked off of the computer soon so I’ll talk to you next week! I love and miss you have a good week.