Monday, September 7, 2015

Zone Conference Picture


Sept 7th

I’m sorry about not emailing a whole bunch last week, I only had 20 minutes to email. I had to email president also, which usually takes around 20 minutes in itself, but Chatsworth was good! We went and got in, it took us like 3 hours to go through the house and the garden haha, and it is a super cool place. I get along with other missionaries just fine, my companion is great, I get doors slammed in my face all the freakin time, it’s not exactly to different from any of the other areas I’ve ever been in haha, or any of the other missions in the world. I like where I am, I love my mission president, I don’t get discouraged to often I just turn everything into a joke when someone curses at me haha. I am feeling just fine, I’m actually better then I have felt in a long time because I weigh less than 200 pounds, which is like the first time that’s happened since sophomore year haha. My clothes and my shoes are fine, I have shoes for the rest of my mission practically and my clothes will do for another good little while. I just don’t know what else to say haha all of the days kinds blend together, I know who we are teaching but I don’t really know what we teach and when if I don’t look at my planner. Teaching is great, I like doing it so much more than finding haha. I am also better at it then finding as well so all is well! I don’t know if I will be able to go to see England before I leave, if you guys come and pick me up and you actually have permission to do it, we will have about a week and a half to mess around here then go home. But that being said it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t get to see those things, as long as I eventually end up at home.


It sucks you’re going back into having to do all this stuff again, hopefully you will get better and be able to get back to work and a somewhat regular life. Things sound good other than that haha, did dad sell the car yet? And what is going to happen to your car? What in the storage room fell? How all of my stuff? Haha most of those clothes probably won’t fit me when I get back home, so you can wear that shirt all you want! I did get an email from spencer, he looks like he’s doing good haha. As for Courtney and her color problems haha, I don’t remember I think we were talking about fuscia and she thought that skin color was an actual color haha, she was not too happy with me when she found out I didn’t really care either way lol. And I don’t know about spencer’s shoes I think we may have sold a bit of them but not all of them. Also how my Xbox and the Xbox one is I left out for you guys?


Alright I hope that this was long enough for you! I feel like I’ve been typing on this one page for forever haha. But I love you and I miss you, I hope you guys get something figured out back home. Make sure you tell me more things about all the little things at home as well! Also are you thinking of sending me a year mark package?

Love Jer


Sept 1st

This week was good! I loved the package. Also I am going to go to Chatsworth today, so I actually have to cut emailing short, so I won’t be able to answer all of your questions haha. But I love you and thank you for the emails. I already have bishops and I sent an email to him but he never answered back so that’s why I said to ask him, same with Kevin. But thanks for everything! I love you and I miss you! I promise ill answer everything next week, along with a whole bunch of pictures from Chatsworth! I have talked to Alec I’ll see how he’s doing. I email Alec every week, and I don’t really get any emails from my family at all haha besides you and dad some times. But I have to go I’ll talk to you next week!


August 24th

I found that bowl in the flat that I was in at the time, I’m not living there right now though I was on exchange. Oh hey! Could you tell Kevin and former bishop Tyler Anderson to email me? Also do you think you could get ahold of Jennifer Shaver and Mr. Nash at Valley school and have them email me as well? I forgot there emails at home. Haha. This week was good we had mission tour and I got a picture with Elder Moriera of the seventy, he is a super cool guy. If he ever goes apostle I will be happy haha.  The rest of the week was pretty fun, it poured on us! Which doesn’t happen a lot in England, like it flooded the streets where I am serving haha. But it was pretty cool we had our investigators Milan and Viola and their kids come to church with us so I got to sit and draw and solve math problems on a page in my planner with Laura their 9 year old daughter haha. I haven’t gone to Chatsworth yet the weather said it had a 70 percent chance of rain today so I will wait to go until next week. It is where the queen stays when she comes up to Sheffield, super cool place haha. P day next week is on the Tuesday so it should be sunny then. I did get your package thank you for that.

 I like what you said about faith, people don’t realize that anything god has done or has asked us to do, is spiritual. It doesn’t just help us in our physical life but it helps us in our spiritual life as well. So praying about something, anything give your spirit the answer it needs to do the things that god has asked us to do. If you pray about that you can see that things are different now than they were and that god is no respecter of persons, he judges all of us the same, he created all of us that same! It’s not about picking things apart, I don’t want anyone to follow blindly, the church and god doesn’t want that. We ask people to search for answers, search for the truth, anyone can put anything online, but the only real way we can know for sure if something is true is if we pray about it. Pray about everything! God is willing to help us if we ask, if he is real he would be sitting on a cloud throwing lightning bolts at us like people think, he would be there to help us like a father should be. I know that he is there, I’ve felt him and I know that the people around us have felt him to, everyone has! It’s just about recognizing what it is when it happens. People always find something on the internet and they automatically assume that it is true, I know it’s not, but that doesn’t mean that it makes this church or the fact that god live any less true. People can say what they want. Ok that’s it for my rant haha, I know this church is true I know that everything that is it is trying to do as an organization is true, the people may not be perfect, but they are at least trying to do something good. I know joseph smith was a prophet and I know that Thomas S. Monson his successor is a prophet alive on the earth today. I’ve learned these things through prayer, it takes studying and knowledge, but nothing that involves god can be proved or disproved by physical means, it has to be prayer that does it. I know that god lives and that Jesus Christ, his son, is the savior and redeemer of the world. I could go on for hours with all of the things I know to be true because I’ve prayed about them and tested them out. To save you from that I’ll just say that I love this gospel and I love the things that it has helped me with. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.


So yea haha uhh well I don’t really have anything to add to that... I love you and I’ll talk to you next week! Have a good week!

Love Jeremy


August 17th

Things are good! The people we are teaching are accepting things yea haha, but we have to get a couple of them married before we can get them baptized. This week was good there was like a lot that happened so bear with me haha. So I was on exchange for half of the week, in different areas. Once I got back to Sheffield 4 we had interviews with president the next morning so we had to wake up early for that. My interview went good, not to many things to report on there. But then for the second half of the week, we worked like mad! We got two new people, one of them Slovak and one of them from Jamaica! We scheduled both of them for baptism as well, which brings me to my next point haha. Elder Frahm and I, well I, am trying to go to this place called Chatsworth, it’s where the queen stays when she is in Sheffield, I’ve seen pictures and the place looks amazing! But elder Frahm doesn’t want to go, so we made a deal that if we scheduled someone who spoke English (which never happens in this area) then he will go. I agreed and then 2 days later we scheduled our nice Jamaican pal named spencer! Haha so now he has to go to this place with me! But yea haha so that will be fun, today we are going to go into town and see a couple museums again. I did remember my chord, so will send pictures. I didn’t get your package yet, I’ll look out for it. I am eating plenty, I have enough money, but I haven’t used very much of your 50 you sent me. I am going to get a skinny black tie now as well haha, I’m collecting ties that will match that blue suit and the suit I got in Leeds as well. But love you and I miss you, I’ll let you know if I need anything. I’m going to need to get a project car yea, I actually want to flip cars with dad when I get home. I want to learn more of how to do it! But hey check out this talk, it’s called "what is the blueprint of Christ’s church" by Elder Tad R. Callister, super good. But I’ll talk to you next week, have a good one!

Love Jer

August 10th

This week was good haha, we decided to step it up and do a lot more finding then we did last week. Our week last week only had 10 lessons and 10 hours of finding (knocking and street contacting) this week we did 14 lessons and 24 hours of finding haha, it was fun. I feel so tired but yet so alive at the same time haha. I’m happy you are doing better, it’s still going to be pretty hard but at least you’re improving. How are the Knebel’s doing? I was thinking of them a little bit ago because I noticed the picture I have of me and Chad when we met in the mtc haha. I forgot my chord again so no pictures this time, but I have some pretty cool ones haha. I don’t have to learn the language but I’d like to say that I can hold a quarter of a conversation with a Slovak person haha. Mainly just "good day, how are you today? Good? That’s good." and then all the middle stuff goes over my head haha, but then I say "alright have a good night. Goodbye!" so I’m working on it! Haha but my companion Elder Frahm is pretty cool, he’s helping me lose weight, he’s a good guy. He’s from Roy Utah and he goes home in December, he thinks that  I will be with him until he goes home, I’d be fine with that, I like it here in Slovakia. Nothing else is really new that I need to say haha, that’s super gay that the insurance said that you needed to call them while you were having a heart attack haha. But you will figure it out, you usually do. Just refrain from making that poor girl on the other line cry while you do it haha. I don’t know what I really need from home that I can think of, besides all the stuff I’m not really allowed to have haha. If you can think of something else I might want then you go ahead and send it haha. But I’m doing good here, just let me know what’s going on when you guys end up moving, or if you do. I only want to know so that I might have a little bit of an idea of where I will be when I got home haha. But anyway I love you and I miss you! I hope you have a good week.

Love Jer

August 4th

August 4

Things are good haha, I don't have to learn the language at all I just want to. And I suck at it! Haha. But its fun. The members don't feed us and we eat fine! We eat actually really well haha, healthy crap too. I got your cookies and cake, the cookies were awesome, I didn't eat them all yet, and the cake thing I shared with some other guys in Leeds because I got to go up there for Scotts baptism, it was super fun. 50 dollars is good haha, I’m staying in Sheffield for another month and a half! Haha. I’m excited for this. Things are going good here just let me know the news of if you guys are moving or not. I love you and I miss you and I’ll talk to you next week!

I got to go to the baptism but I didn't get to baptize him, president wanted someone who was there to do that. I got a bunch of pictures there though as well I just can’t send any of them to you because I don't have my chord! Haha