Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20th


That's crazy that it took you so long to get home, well I'm happy your home, just take it easy and it will heal back up. All you need to do is wait!! I do have iPads haha I'm actually emailing right now on one, well mine. We have had them for about a month and a half, they are only used for the gospel library app, nothing else, no internet, no Facebook yet, no email. Today is just an exception because the entire city's library computers are down haha. My companion got emergency transferred because another missionary got moved so he had to go to replace him in that other person’s area. My new companion is elder McNair from Arizona, he's cool. Kind of annoying and jerky, but nothing I haven't handled before. Leeds it good we haven't found anyone new since I've been here, but it is good. We are teaching a guy named Scott, he is super cool. He should be better baptized soon. He like keeps me going haha, all I need to do is see him and then it like makes my day haha. Leeds is fun it's been sunny the past week, I like it. There are different people here like every other race in the world haha, I like it. The buildings are bigger as well, the houses are smaller, and everything is like packed in tighter than the rest of England haha. For right now I have been studying preach my gospel and the Book of Mormon still. That is a good question haha. So good in fact that I am going to ask everyone around me (missionaries), I don't think you do. No one else does either haha. We have a choice to last as long as we can, for example I think if papa gave up (like I'm sure he has thought about) then he wouldn't have lasted this long. I think there is an element of will power in it, but at the same time, we made the choice to die when we accepted the savior’s plan to come down to earth. We accepted the time to die when we chose to be born, they both have to happen to follow the plan. That's what I think haha. But I better go it feels like I've emailed you like a novel mainly because I'm typing on this screen not on a keyboard. But I love you and I hope you get feeling better soon. Have a good week and take it easy. I'll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy


Oh and also I talked to president about me talking to you on the phone, he said that any time I want to talk to you, all I have to do is come down to the office and he will do it. I told him that it's up to you. So if you want to talk to me in the phone when papa dies or even like now haha, just let him know and he will arrange it. He is a reasonable guy and when he knows the whole story of something, like your heart attack and how serious it was, he looks at all the options and will make the right decision. Anyway I love you and miss you!

Here's the question I asked him. Do you think there is free agency in dying or do you think when the lord calls you home you sometimes have no option. Just wondered what you thought?

July 13th

So as some of you know I had a major heart attack so this is the email after he heard about it. I am doing better and I know he was worried about me. I recently was hospitalized again and was able to talk to Jeremy.

Well holy crap mom. Things are fine here uh. Well president didn't tell me the whole story, I hope he didn't lie to me or maybe he didn't know the whole thing. Katy was the one that told all of that. I’m happy you’re alright for the most part. It’s a good thing you listened to the prompting you had to stay there when you had it. If you hadn't you may have not been here. It’s a HUGE blessing for all that to happen, well maybe not the heart attack, but all the things that saved your life. I hope the reason for you staying in Washington was that, if not and you think you should stay there until papa goes, then do it. The way a look at it is something or somebody wanted you to stay there a little bit longer haha. Kind of a crappy way to let you know you should stay in Washington but yea haha. But yea mom I love you and I wish I was there. I couldn't sleep the night that Katy told me what happened, I wanted to talk to you as well. Just to make sure you are alright. If you need to talk to me, ever, tell president. The decision is still his ultimately because he is in charge of me, but you do have a say, and with things like this you have a huge one. He’s a smart guy he would let me talk to you. It won’t make things worse haha, unless you meant make your heart attack worse, but that's over now! Hopefully. I love you.


As for my area its fine, my companion got emergency transferred this last week so I have anew guy. But other than that nothing has really happened. I don't know what I want for me birthday, I don't think I have anything at home that I need (besides my Xbox) other that the things you send me it’s just up to you what you get me for my birthday haha. Money is fine with me, or no money depending on what you have. But I’ll talk to you next week! Have a safe drive home if you’re going, and I love you and miss you. Have a good week, take it easy. 

Love jer


July 6th

I’m sure papa will last a long time yet haha, he’s too stubborn to die yet. Leeds is cool I like it a lot, we are teaching a few people one of them we are hoping to get him baptized here in a couple weeks. But yea there a lot more houses here, a lot more bigger buildings, and its super fun haha. My companion is good he is from Canada and his name is elder dubyk, we get a long pretty well. I’m doing well here, other than that just same old same old. Nothing really to exciting is happening other than that haha. But as for my birthday, I don't know what I want haha. Anything is fine with me, for right now. You can do whatever, even adding money on to me card, it’s up to you haha. It’s funny because elder dubyks birthday is 3 days before mine, so we are going to have a party haha. But yea I hope you have a good week, I love you and miss you, and I’ll talk to you next week! 

Love jer 


Oh and here’s a suit that I might buy from elder dubyk how does it look?? 


June 29th

Just a side note:
His grandfather is not doing so well so I was up visiting in Washington with him. Also the talk he refers to is by President Uchtdorf called Be Genuine.

I’m in Leeds now haha, my flat is about 10 minutes away from where we do all the big mission meetings so I don't have to take buses to get to these things anymore!! But I like it here a lot, I’m excited to keep on working here. Also it is going it be really hot this week so president has given us all permission to not wear our suit coats! Who would've ever thought he would do that haha. But I’m serving with elder Dubyk, has from Canada, has a good guy haha we have been visiting a lot of people this week so he is just tired as crap haha, so am I! Leeds is really good, super big, I haven't even been in town center yet, I heard it’s great. The transfer was fine just like all the other ones, nothing really to exciting haha. But things here are good, and they should keep getting better. As for the whole situation with papa, he’s just gonna keep coming back!! Haha he’s a fighter for sure, when he goes though I hope everyone can handle it. I told my mission president about you going to try to call me, mainly because I don't know if I’ve ever heard of that happening. But he should be good about it, I have faith in him. But I hope other than that you guys are doing well? Yea that's all I really have to say haha, but yea I love you and I’ll send you my address as well. I miss you a lot, tell everyone up there with you that I said I love them as well, and tell papa that too. But I’ll be sure to look that talk up. Have a good week! 

Love Jeremy


My address is:


18 The Orchards

Leeds LS15 7NH


June 23


I am getting transferred! I am going to Leeds, finally a big city! Haha I don't know any information on what the address is or anything but I am excited for it. This next transfer should be good, hopefully my new companion elder dubyk is cool. I’ve never met him. As far as that there is really nothing to report haha I’m doing good. Sorry if this email isn't really long but I ran out of time so I need to do this quick. Interviews were good I have a lot of things to work on haha, but I plan on going for it. so yea haha the sun does come out here it’s just the collar for my shirt blocks all the sun so I have a stupid tan line like half way up my neck. Haha you tell those landlords a piece of your mind haha, I miss listening to you yell at people on the phone all the time, ah the good old days that was one of my best pass times, that and video games haha. But yea haha I love you guys a lot and I miss you. Tell papa that I love him and that I will miss him. It’s going to be hard for the rest of the family to let go I love him and I will miss him but in the end it’s just a part of life and the easier it is on him the better. But just let him know I love him. Just make sure you let president know what’s going on and then ask to talk to me. But I better go I am about to get kicked off. I’ll talk to you next week. I love you and miss you, I hope you have a good week this next week. I’ll try to do that as well. I love you! And I’ll talk to you next week. 

Love Jer.