Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27

oh and my address is

 Jeremy was recently transferred to a town that is mainly Slovakian.

39 Poole Road, Darnall

Sheffield S9 4JP



Well mom ha-ha you basically know what has happened to me his week. I'm super happy I got to talk to you.  My new area is great I like it a lot, my new companion is awesome he is going to help me lose weight ha-ha so I'm on my way!!! The people are really nice I like them, I'm learning a little bit of Slovak slowly, but I'll have to because I want to talk to people here not just sit there and let elder frahm talk ha-ha. The city is cool I haven't really been around yet, we have been really busy. The food is normal because the Slovak people usually don't feed us, even if they tried we would most likely turn them down. They are very poor here. I like it here a lot ha-ha, reminds me of Slovakia.


Thanks for the birthday wishes as well i'll talk to you next week alright? I hope you have a good time! Thanks for always being there..