Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday March 23, 2015


I’m doing good. Things are going good here on the front line. It was a fort night before I emailed you last. Ok I can’t talk like that it hurts my brain haha. It’s good here. We have been finding a lot, time wise, not people wise. It’s been a good week no new investigators but a couple close ones. We got into a house with a 21 year old girl (Katie) and her 3 year old son (Austin), they seem really promising, super prepared. She’s not an investigator yet but she will be haha. As for the sleep walking, I have not done that at all, I am also on the top bunk so all I can do is move around a bunch on me bed (which happens a lot) but I have made my companion crack up from a conversation he had with me when I was asleep. I am doing good just pluggin along here in Grimsby. I got 2 of you packages the Oreo’s and the Reese’s eggs, which were smashed but still good. haha I did get an email from the bishop but he didn’t talk to me at all about money, it’s really not to bad I’m not buying stupid things, I’m really not trying to spend personal funds at all really but sometimes I have to because at the end of the month if I don’t get reimbursements in quick enough I run out for the last week of the month (like today) haha. But yea things are good. Oh hey I’m going to try this new thing I’ve been thinking about and I think I can do it. I am going to send a picture or me and a guy with a beard to kc every week. I have one for this week so I’m just going to ask to get pictures with bearded men my whole mission haha. But I’m going to send him the first one today tell him to check his email. so yea I’m pretty much done I don’t know what else to say, besides that I know I’m here for a reason and I know I’m not depressed! Know the church is true and thinking back on where I was in my life before and up to this point, I would be at home doing nothing right now if it wasn’t for this. (Well I know what I would be doing I would be sleeping). But I love this out here and I love you and miss you along with everyone back at home. Have a good week.

Love jer

Monday, March 16, 2015

Missionary Monday again! March 16, 2015

I do fine with money and when I pull the money out of the account that you give me I don’t spend it like at all I only use it when I run out of church money. Thanks for doing my taxes like you usually do lol. oh hey I was thinking about money and instead of putting money in my account like randomly throughout the month, I thought it would be cool just to get a certain amount in the beginning or in the middle of the month. I don’t really know what a number would be but I was thinking like 160 dollars a month and then if I need any of it will use it if I don’t i'll save it. Thanks for getting me those pictures off of Facebook and the things off of amazon that I haven’t gotten yet haha. You’re fine to send it to the flat, transfers aren’t until the second week in April, that’s the only reason they say that. I talked about olu and I called him a boss because he is awesome haha I don’t know any other way to describe him. He is pretty receptive to the lessons. But I don’t think that is because he is from Nigeria, he grew up in London since he was like 14 now he has a wife and 3 kids. The Slovak branches in the mission baptize every week. Like every Saturday there is a baptism, that’s just because they are Slovakian haha. I think the reason those people are so good is because they all know each other in the little town so they like bring all of the other people with them from their country and get them all baptized haha. The pictures you sent are great! Now I can finally show people that Colorado is better than Utah haha. Could I get more from Chicago and Nauvoo? Other than that I don’t need anything thanks for putting money in my account. Oh and with the recipe book I think I can print it off it will just cost some money haha because I’m at the library but yea I can. And I’m not teaching anyone else haha just those 2 really we will find more soon. You went on a 5 mile hike? That’s great! Haha how much weight have you lost? But I better go I’ll talk to you next week! Love you and miss you! And I’m not depressed! Haha
Love Jeremy
So he knew I was online so we had a conversation
Jer: yea it is a great time in my life haha. I’m not depressed at all, I’ll be sure to let you know when I am though haha. Hey could you tell Missy I’m gonna email her next week I keep on forgetting her email on here haha. What are you doing up this early?
Me: I will tell her. Dad leaves for work at like 7 so I was up making him an egg sandwich.
Jer:  nice tell him I said hey!
Me: I don't know about the 160 a month thing. Until I find a job its slim pickins. So I will send you what I can ok?
Jer: ok yea it’s just whatever you can do just all at once haha
Jer: and did you guys sell all of his tools in the garage sale?
Me: No we didn't sell any of his tools. He still needs them especially since we still have that jeep! Why do you want to know if we sold his tools? You going to become a mechanic?
Jer: yea haha good! I need to get a car when I get back home and I’m gonna need to fix that thing too!
Jer:  I was just thinking of flipping cars with him when I get home. But I gotta go mom I love you have a good week! And I think I’m going into construction
My first Indian curry
it wasn’t very good haha I don’t really enjoy Indian food to much lol

Ok I have a different one that I’m actually smiling

This is the bible the Jehovah Witnesses gave him.

More pictures!



Pictures March 2015

Jeremy and his companion were at FHE at a members home eating marshmallow ice cream.

Missionary monday! March 9, 2015


I have one simple easy answer to your first question, YES! I’m happy I came on my mission it has been the best thing so far, it has also sucked, it’s been hard, it’s been depressing, but I am happy. The ward is feeding us enough, a recipe book would be pretty good. Just remember I have basically no Mexican food haha or at least it’s really expensive lol. I don’t have to do lessons in the ward now we are teaching enough people for me to teach. It wasn't really about that, I’m fine now by the way, even though I wasn't really that worse off. but thank you, what it was about is that I may be a missionary I may be teaching some people, but it’s those times were I have a few moments to think that I just think about what am I even doing? Haha the people we have aren’t really progressing but that will come we knock on doors a lot and we talk to people on the street all the time. It was just about what my brain and what my heart feels like I’ve been here for. It just seems too selfish to say that I’m doing it for me and it seems too easy to say I’m doing it because it is my priesthood duty, although both of those are true. Opening up a new area means that I and elder Gurney came into Grimsby having no former investigators from the people behind us because there was no one here before us. There has always been elders in Grimsby but there has never been 2 sets of elder in Grimsby, me and elder gurney are that new second set. Same with me and elder Olsen in newton ayecliffe. It would be cool to have a recipe book the other guys in my flat want to know some stuff too so I can show them. You could get me a marvelous work and a wonder just try to get a cool one not like a generic missionary library one haha. Thanks for having kc get me that I’ll be looking for this stuff. As for this last week it has been pretty good. We got a referral (someone wanting us to talk to them) he is from Northern Ireland, has a pregnant wife and one child already. He was pretty cool when we talked to him he had a lot of really good questions that we answered pretty good lesson. Oh yea one more thing he is a Baptist pastor! Pretty crazy but he just wants to learn more. Um let’s see oh we are talking to this other guy he is from Nigeria he was a family and was taught like a year ago by missionaries. He is a boss. those are our most solid ones right now I guess we have a few more that we kinds need to drop because we have good luck getting in with people but then they never what to see us a second time so the just stop talking to us. One other thing cool happened this last week. Which kind of has a back story a little bit. So we were walking through this ghetto part of town and we walked by some Jehovah witnesses. Naturally they wanted to talk to us, when I say talk I mean that the wife wanted to talk with us, the husband wanted to bash with us. Elder gurney took on the husband while I had a really good conversation with the wife, she is from Russia originally and has been a witness ever since she moved to England. Over the conversation elder gurney and I were able to set up a meeting to go to the kingdom hall (the Jehovah witness’s chapel) and get silver editions (Jehovah witnesses messed up bible). We went in everyone was super nice and we got the bibles! Haha but yes I have it now she signed it for me and I’m going to keep it as a souvenir. But I gotta go I’m going to get kicked off I love you mom I hope you have a good week :)

Love Jer

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015

I am asking all who read this blog to please keep Jeremy in your prayers. Pray that he finds an investigator to teach.  Thank you. I think this will change things for him if he is teaching. As a family I have asked my family to pray for this.
Life is fine. I’m happy you are finally done with moving haha, Alec told me we have a lot of crap for how little people live in that house now. But it’s a good thing you had help cleaning because even if I was there I probably wouldn’t to clean up that place. Did dad ever fix the door I had to kick in? That’s nuts you had mice in the cereal. I’ll have to email papa and grandma and say hi it seems like I haven’t talked to them in forever. my companion’s name is elder nick gurney he is from the factory (Provo Utah) haha he is a good guy he likes the same music I do and likes talking to people more than I do (which isn’t that hard to beat).we go knocking a lot not not much street contacting but tracting is all this mission does I guess or at least what I’ve been doing because both areas I’ve been in we have opened up new areas so we have no one to teach at all, no idea where we are going, nothing. So that all I have been doing is tracting. We have tea appointments about 3 days a week, so we make a lot of food and some of the time we run out of money by the end of the month. I don’t make too much food because we only have an hour for lunch and for tea. So usually just cereal for breakfast a sandwich for lunch and then we figure out something for tea. I need to find some things to eat and things we can make in an hour that is healthy. But I can’t do that because I’m not allowed on the internet!! Something I’ve learned about myself since I’ve come out is that I am not confident at all lol. That is one of the things I want to improve on so I can actually teach people what I need to teach them. something about the church I learned is probably just a bunch more stuff about the history of it and all the stories of the pioneers I have read the book of Mormon once, I read the book our search for happiness, and our heritage. Now I’m looking to get a book called a marvelous work and a wonder it’s one of the ones on the missionary library that I want to read. something I wish I had done different, that’s a hard one, really for me I could say a lot of stuff, I could say I wish I got to know some people a little better , I could say I wish stayed with my family more, or that I quit working at Walmart when I had the chance. But I guess the main one is that I really thought it through a lot more then I did. I came out knowing it was the right thing to do and knowing what was required of me, but I wish I had a better reason for coming out here. My companion and I have been talking and a lot of missionaries come out on a mission for a reason, and the reason they stay out on a mission is completely different that the reason the left. For now I just need to find a better reason to stay out then the one I have. I know I’m here for a reason but I just need to find out what that reason is. But yea that’s about it. I hope Zeus is happy he deserves it. I love you and I miss you and I’ll talk to you next week. Have a good one!

Love Jer