Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 15, 2014

My week was pretty good. I taught my first lesson and got my first investigator. It was the guy that ditched us when we found that homeless guy. We finally pinned him down and got to teach him he said he would learn more and if we could actually convince him that it was true he would get baptized haha. So that was pretty good. I travel a lot just around to different little villages usually but for meetings like the ones my district leader companion has to go to we go to cities. The closest one is probably like 40 minutes on a bus. as for Christmas parties I have one tomorrow that I am going to that is 40 minutes on a bus then 30 minutes on a train. Haha but on the way back I am going to go get pictures of Durham cathedral, which is the one that they filmed most of harry potter in. It looks awesome at night because it’s lit all up so we are going to stop by there on the way back from Newcastle. But yea not a whole bunch of travel because we don’t have a car so we limit it. Christmas I am at a family named the Hancock’s and they are going to have us skype there at their house. So I’m excited haha. Their family reminds me of ours haha especially dad so it would go good haha. I also laughed a whole bunch and got some dirty looks from the people in the library I’m at since Zeus peed on Santa. That’s great haha. But yea it should be a good week I’m going to take a bunch of pictures tomorrow. I’ll send the good ones to you. Can you send me a picture of just you and dad? Just over email I’m making something that I’m going to keep for my mission but I need pictures haha. So just one of you and dad I don’t care if they are individual or both of you in one. But yea I need it haha. Love you I’ll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy

December 8, 2014

Yea hehe 10 emails is crazy just a little bit too much for me to type in an hour haha. Flogged is ditched that when you show up there is no notice or anything they just don’t show up. The church was an old boarded up one that we found down this random street it was pretty cool, all the gravestones that I sent I have like 10 more pictures of them some punk kids came in and kicked them all over I bet because the gate was broken and a couple of the windows were broken that’s why the boards were there. All of the gravestones had awesome quotes on the from scriptures and stuff it was cool to walk around. The weather is cold but not too bad. I don’t need socks or gloves haha that’s great Kira got married haha and the English people where I’m at talk to us but there is not many foreigners so it’s hard to compare haha. We have talked to mark a couple times but we haven’t been able to teach him yet something is going to happen this week elder Olsen and I can feel it haha. Yea the spirit helps you when you’re talking to someone it’s like you’re not the one talking its pretty cool to experience. As for money I don’t need any right now just save it all up and put it all on for Christmas! haha we have Boxing Day off and all of us are going to go shopping the day after haha. Don’t sent the pictures to the mission home I won’t get them for forever! Ha-ha just send them to my flat at the address I gave you will give it to you again. As for small items I don’t know really what I want or need if you think of something then by all means send it haha. kc didn’t email him I don’t know if he even got mine haha but yea this week we didnt really even get to do anything we traveled a lot and I got to see my mtc companion elder casey that got his visa withheld and he got sent to Colorado springs for a transfer haha COLORADO SPRINGS!!! I talked to him all about it haha it was cool seeing him again oh and I ate this thing called a kebab it’s so popular among the missionaries that it’s called being kababtised so I’ll send a picture of that haha. But yea I hope you have a good week!

My address is

101 Washington cresent

Newton ayecliffe DL5 4BE

Great Britain


I miss you and I love you haha talk to you later

Love jer

December 2, 2014

Well I have an hour to email and my 3 word per minute typing speed is hard to email back to like 10 emails in an hour haha. But thanksgiving was great. The investigator didn’t show up we got flogged haha but something happened after that it was pretty cool. Me and elder Olsen felt we had to be here for a reason so we stayed there waiting for the guy for about 15 minutes. A guy can up and sat on a bench behind us and he was talking about how he had nowhere to go to someone on a phone he hung up and started crying. I and elder Olsen got up and sat next to him, he said his grandma died two days earlier and he was living with her but they kicked him out of the house because it wasn’t his. He had been staying on the streets for the past 2 days. Elder Olsen got up to call the bishop and see if we could help him out. When Olsen was on the phone the guy was asking like awesome questions to me. I told him a little bit about myself and why I was here then he asked about the church and what we do. I told him about church on Sundays and told him he should come he said he would uh they he asked what else do we do that is different. I got into prayer and he asked you guys pray? If I wanted to ask god for help how would I do that? So explained to him how to pray somehow that got into the sacrament I told him about that then he asked why we take it then I talked to him about baptism. He asked me what that was and I said that we do it the exact same way that Jesus Christ was baptized, by emersion. He got super excited and by the time elder Olsen sat back down he asked if we could come by and teach him more and that he would come to church and that he would look into getting baptized. It was pretty awesome haha. But we got him food for the weekend after he found a place to stay. he didn’t show up to church because he had to go out of town to help his brother do something but he should be back sometime this week and we will teach him then. It was pretty cool I bore my testimony like 5 times to him haha one for every one of the things he was asking me. That was probably like my favorite thing that happened this week or for my whole mission so far haha. We got to help somebody and it felt great doing it. I’m sorry I sent dad a one sentence email haha I was probably being kicked off so I had to cut it short. uh you can do either one with the pictures I can get them developed here that would probably be the quickest thing but yea I’m also getting kicked off right now I will see if I can stretch it and see if I can send a couple pictures to you haha love you have a good week.




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