Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Missionary Monday! Nov 3, 2014

Well my home address is

101 Washington Cresent

DL5 4BE Newton Ayecliffe

Great Britain

I’m only here for 12 weeks though that’s why they say to send it to the mission office so they can give it to me where ever I am. It’s way different here then Colorado lol. It’s not too cold yet but it is super green. The people are crazy friendly where I am at. They put me in this area that’s like the best area in the mission for my first spot. Not too many nationalities here where I’m at just English people. The food is pretty good so far I have had tea appointments every night of my mission so far, ha-ha they love us. There are the same categories of stores here they are just called different stuff. No Walmart’s just small super markets. I’m going to buy my suit coats from charity shops which are basically just goodwill’s so they shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll send a couple pictures I have now that I have a good computer to send them on.

I’m collecting a lot of stuff like good talks and I also have a goal to read the Book of Mormon by Christmas again and highlight everything that has to do with my purpose as a missionary. I’m going to do another one after this one but on a different topic so I need help coming up with another topic. I was thinking families or something along the lines as that. Oh and can you send pictures of everyone? I have like no pictures of my family! Or my friends for that matter.

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