Monday, October 13, 2014

Missionary Monday Oct 13, 2014

I have waited all day for an email. Finally it came! I miss his noise in our home.  Here is what his new email said. Actually  he sent me three emails all at once. I guess he kept thinking of things while he was still able to email. Warning! His emails are not long and they are edited to be in letter written form instead of text message form.

The food isn't too bad. Its like glorified cafeteria food, haha! I have 2 companions both got there visas held back and are going to England like the same time I am, hopefully we leave on time together. Their names are Elder Casey and Elder Lapu'aho, they are both from Utah. I'm in a district with 7 other guys that are all going to Boston together. One of them is from england and we have been asking him questions constantly lol. We are all super close and its cool to have distractions with all the people here.  Uhh lets see what else i sent alec a letter. I just got back from the temple and it was awesome! Now we have an hour to email then we have to do laundry! haha I would love care packages with cookies everyone else is getting them that would be awesome too.
Love jer
His next one said:
oh and I'm district leader. lol.

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