Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Missionary Monday October 20, 2014

Email time! Such a great way to spend a Monday hearing from our missionary!

Things are going good I think. The book store has like everything you could ever want for a mission. The church doesn't even know when I'm leaving. I've been going in every day waiting for them to tell us but they don't even know supposedly but I think they just don't want to tell us because one of my companions visa hasn't come in yet. I have been writing in my journal like crazy. Alec told me he has his wisdom teeth appointment for the 28th, I think, so I told him to make to the MTC by Christmas because its awesome here on Christmas day. I went to the Provo temple for the last time today too it was pretty good. The main guy from Saints and Soldiers was in the presentation so that threw me off a little bit.

That was about it. I am hoping as he gets into the mission field that his letters will have a little more to them and that he will open up more about his experiences. Right now he's new and still writes like he is texting me. Lol! He puts that in a lot of his emails.

That's all for this next, more next week, hopefully he will be in England by then.

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