Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 15, 2014

My week was pretty good. I taught my first lesson and got my first investigator. It was the guy that ditched us when we found that homeless guy. We finally pinned him down and got to teach him he said he would learn more and if we could actually convince him that it was true he would get baptized haha. So that was pretty good. I travel a lot just around to different little villages usually but for meetings like the ones my district leader companion has to go to we go to cities. The closest one is probably like 40 minutes on a bus. as for Christmas parties I have one tomorrow that I am going to that is 40 minutes on a bus then 30 minutes on a train. Haha but on the way back I am going to go get pictures of Durham cathedral, which is the one that they filmed most of harry potter in. It looks awesome at night because it’s lit all up so we are going to stop by there on the way back from Newcastle. But yea not a whole bunch of travel because we don’t have a car so we limit it. Christmas I am at a family named the Hancock’s and they are going to have us skype there at their house. So I’m excited haha. Their family reminds me of ours haha especially dad so it would go good haha. I also laughed a whole bunch and got some dirty looks from the people in the library I’m at since Zeus peed on Santa. That’s great haha. But yea it should be a good week I’m going to take a bunch of pictures tomorrow. I’ll send the good ones to you. Can you send me a picture of just you and dad? Just over email I’m making something that I’m going to keep for my mission but I need pictures haha. So just one of you and dad I don’t care if they are individual or both of you in one. But yea I need it haha. Love you I’ll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy

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