Monday, February 2, 2015

email for Feb 2, 2015

Well holy crap mom! Lol that’s like the biggest news from the front that I’ve ever heard! That’s great for you guys! My records would be really great to stay in that ward I would like that haha. I’m not sad at all that your moving haha but if you ever run out of movers ask the ward or Alec or just like the whole youth lol they will come and help. That’s a huge step for you guys, you’ll be able to get your degree up there and be able to make more money than you ever have haha. I’m happy for you guys just don’t sell all my stuff! Haha. Kc will get somewhere I’m sure the only thing keeping him in Grand Junction was you guys I’m pretty sure haha. I’m doing good I’m teaching a really awesome guy right now he has served 19 tours of duty as a medical officer in the British royal army. He is pretty great and he is feeding us tea on Wednesday so I’m excited for that. as for my ear it is pretty much gone I don’t think I need any more antibiotics it should finish going away haha, I don’t feel any pressure at all  think it is just like left over stuff in my ear. but we did get snow I’ll send a picture of it and yea its going pretty good I got your 100 day package and everyone in the flat said it was the trunkyest package ever haha. But are you sending another one? Or is that the only one I should be looking out for? But just keep it up haha you guys are like the best parents anyone could ever ask for! I love you and I miss you and I wish I was there to help you pack. Have a good week!

Love Jer


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