Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 20

April 20


Things are good haha Grimsby has been fun recently I am just knocking a whole lot with Elder Green. And teaching Michael, he’s going to make his date we are going to find out today if his surgery for carpel tunnel in his hands went alright, if those are good he’s getting dunked. I don’t know why he chose me to baptize him but I assume he just wants the guy who started teaching him again to do it. He does have cancer, it is terminal, but he should last a while he is doing a lot better now. He’s going to make it I hope papa makes it through like he always does but just remember you can call me if you want to talk to me if he doesn’t make it. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What are you going to be now 23? (50). tell kc to email me!! Haha that’s cool he is going out there. It’s good to hear things are going good at home. Ok so now for your weird questions... when I open my front door I see houses across from me, it’s usually sunny or in the morning it smells like old nasty fish, if it’s raining it smells like worse nasty fish smell haha. I have been reading the book of Mormon again and going all the way through and studying preach my gospel also, and reading a marvelous work and a wonder too, and sometimes writing in my journal. Elder green is great we have been working hard. he is a cool kid he is a month younger then me and he looks like he’s 14 but yea he’s cool mission president it great when you’re on him good side terrifying when you get on his bad side, other than that he is a great guy haha. I never take me clothes to the cleaners just wash them at home, the suits it’s just really a waste of money to wash them too often. I have been eating pasta, pizza, ham sandwiches, uh some other stuff I’m sure haha. I get yelled at all the time it’s pretty funny when it feet are great my shoes are losing it but ah well I’m just going to use them until they die. I usually run out of time like I’m about to do now, but sometimes I just don’t have anything to say haha, this missionary things isn’t really super interesting all the time ya know? But yea I got to go I’ll keep praying for everyone, I love you and miss you have a good week!

Love Jeremy


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