Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 7th

April 7

I’m happy you were able to get there eventually, that gave me some peace. Things are going good here I am not moving and I am also getting elder green for my companion who is an elder from the other Grimsby team so he is just switching beds in the same flat and coming over to help me out haha. Along with that things are going good, I don’t have to pack so that’s good. I did see conference and I watched the opposing votes too haha, its funny to me that president Uchtdorf said the ones who opposed for them to talk to the stake president. we had ours in the chapel with us and I was so close to asking him what he would do if someone would come to him and talk to him about it, I didn’t I was afraid. But yea haha things are going good here I am staying here for at least another 5 weeks (short transfer) but yea. conference for me all the things that stuck out to me was really all about marriage and less active people and the atonement (obviously) but I really liked the story that was told about the brothers climbing up the wall. So I’ve decided I’m going to get married and I am going to not go less active so that’s good haha. but on a serious note I also noticed something that I tend to forget a lot, that Jesus Christ didn’t just suffer for our sins but also all the pains and problems we will have in this life he felt, he knows us perfectly because he has been through exactly what we are going through. Sometimes we feel alone but we don’t need to he is always there, ready and willing to reach out is arms and grab us to help us up from whatever slump we are in. I know that’s true and I need to do better on remembering that, especially in hard times. But yea I love you and I miss you I hope you are having a good time doing chores like the old days haha. Tell everyone up there in Washington I said hi and that I would like to see them at some point when I come home haha. But yea I better go we have a lot to do this p-day. Have a good week!

Love Jeremy

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