Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I realize I am so behind. Bishop Anderson told me on Sunday that he had not seen any blog updates lately. I am a slacker. So I am repenting and will try to update this blog and add the pictures. Just don't tell Jeremy I am so behind!

So this is an email from just before Christmas.

Well we got dropped ha-ha by the guy we were going to teach. He told us not to come over any more but its ok. He is still a cool guy. That’s awesome that they surprised you while you were emailing me ha-ha tell them I said I love them lol. It would be cool to have it on the TV so I can see everyone I don’t know how it will work out just keep everyone in for until I call you. It will probably be like around 9-10 in the morning there when I do it so you just gotta be ready ha-ha. I don’t know how I will get in contact with you guys it might just be a phone call from Gary Hancock the guys house I’m at phone ha-ha so just be ready for whatever. Have your phone on you it could be emails it all depends on what they will let me use over there at their house so yea just be ready ha-ha. I’ll send you the pictures really fast but I gotta go so have a good week I’ll talk to you on Christmas day!!

We were talking about Skype and also his brother Spencer who is in the Navy kept telling me that his leave was denied and could not come home for Christmas. Then at about midnight he came walking in to my work and surprised me. Great Christmas present. I told him that wasn't nice to do to a moms heart but it was worth having him home. Skyping with Jeremy was such a great thing. I miss him very much and his constant chatter and noise at our home. Also the noise of his friends. Jeremy was happy and smiling. We talked for a long time and he did not want to get off. We had all the fanily in the room chatting with him. He looks good. Same Jeremy, moving constantly. I told him to just sit still but it was impossible for him. He had a good Christmas with a family who we were able to meet the dad and daughter. Jeremy wanted us to experience true England accent.

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