Monday, March 16, 2015

Missionary monday! March 9, 2015


I have one simple easy answer to your first question, YES! I’m happy I came on my mission it has been the best thing so far, it has also sucked, it’s been hard, it’s been depressing, but I am happy. The ward is feeding us enough, a recipe book would be pretty good. Just remember I have basically no Mexican food haha or at least it’s really expensive lol. I don’t have to do lessons in the ward now we are teaching enough people for me to teach. It wasn't really about that, I’m fine now by the way, even though I wasn't really that worse off. but thank you, what it was about is that I may be a missionary I may be teaching some people, but it’s those times were I have a few moments to think that I just think about what am I even doing? Haha the people we have aren’t really progressing but that will come we knock on doors a lot and we talk to people on the street all the time. It was just about what my brain and what my heart feels like I’ve been here for. It just seems too selfish to say that I’m doing it for me and it seems too easy to say I’m doing it because it is my priesthood duty, although both of those are true. Opening up a new area means that I and elder Gurney came into Grimsby having no former investigators from the people behind us because there was no one here before us. There has always been elders in Grimsby but there has never been 2 sets of elder in Grimsby, me and elder gurney are that new second set. Same with me and elder Olsen in newton ayecliffe. It would be cool to have a recipe book the other guys in my flat want to know some stuff too so I can show them. You could get me a marvelous work and a wonder just try to get a cool one not like a generic missionary library one haha. Thanks for having kc get me that I’ll be looking for this stuff. As for this last week it has been pretty good. We got a referral (someone wanting us to talk to them) he is from Northern Ireland, has a pregnant wife and one child already. He was pretty cool when we talked to him he had a lot of really good questions that we answered pretty good lesson. Oh yea one more thing he is a Baptist pastor! Pretty crazy but he just wants to learn more. Um let’s see oh we are talking to this other guy he is from Nigeria he was a family and was taught like a year ago by missionaries. He is a boss. those are our most solid ones right now I guess we have a few more that we kinds need to drop because we have good luck getting in with people but then they never what to see us a second time so the just stop talking to us. One other thing cool happened this last week. Which kind of has a back story a little bit. So we were walking through this ghetto part of town and we walked by some Jehovah witnesses. Naturally they wanted to talk to us, when I say talk I mean that the wife wanted to talk with us, the husband wanted to bash with us. Elder gurney took on the husband while I had a really good conversation with the wife, she is from Russia originally and has been a witness ever since she moved to England. Over the conversation elder gurney and I were able to set up a meeting to go to the kingdom hall (the Jehovah witness’s chapel) and get silver editions (Jehovah witnesses messed up bible). We went in everyone was super nice and we got the bibles! Haha but yes I have it now she signed it for me and I’m going to keep it as a souvenir. But I gotta go I’m going to get kicked off I love you mom I hope you have a good week :)

Love Jer

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