Monday, March 16, 2015

Missionary Monday again! March 16, 2015

I do fine with money and when I pull the money out of the account that you give me I don’t spend it like at all I only use it when I run out of church money. Thanks for doing my taxes like you usually do lol. oh hey I was thinking about money and instead of putting money in my account like randomly throughout the month, I thought it would be cool just to get a certain amount in the beginning or in the middle of the month. I don’t really know what a number would be but I was thinking like 160 dollars a month and then if I need any of it will use it if I don’t i'll save it. Thanks for getting me those pictures off of Facebook and the things off of amazon that I haven’t gotten yet haha. You’re fine to send it to the flat, transfers aren’t until the second week in April, that’s the only reason they say that. I talked about olu and I called him a boss because he is awesome haha I don’t know any other way to describe him. He is pretty receptive to the lessons. But I don’t think that is because he is from Nigeria, he grew up in London since he was like 14 now he has a wife and 3 kids. The Slovak branches in the mission baptize every week. Like every Saturday there is a baptism, that’s just because they are Slovakian haha. I think the reason those people are so good is because they all know each other in the little town so they like bring all of the other people with them from their country and get them all baptized haha. The pictures you sent are great! Now I can finally show people that Colorado is better than Utah haha. Could I get more from Chicago and Nauvoo? Other than that I don’t need anything thanks for putting money in my account. Oh and with the recipe book I think I can print it off it will just cost some money haha because I’m at the library but yea I can. And I’m not teaching anyone else haha just those 2 really we will find more soon. You went on a 5 mile hike? That’s great! Haha how much weight have you lost? But I better go I’ll talk to you next week! Love you and miss you! And I’m not depressed! Haha
Love Jeremy
So he knew I was online so we had a conversation
Jer: yea it is a great time in my life haha. I’m not depressed at all, I’ll be sure to let you know when I am though haha. Hey could you tell Missy I’m gonna email her next week I keep on forgetting her email on here haha. What are you doing up this early?
Me: I will tell her. Dad leaves for work at like 7 so I was up making him an egg sandwich.
Jer:  nice tell him I said hey!
Me: I don't know about the 160 a month thing. Until I find a job its slim pickins. So I will send you what I can ok?
Jer: ok yea it’s just whatever you can do just all at once haha
Jer: and did you guys sell all of his tools in the garage sale?
Me: No we didn't sell any of his tools. He still needs them especially since we still have that jeep! Why do you want to know if we sold his tools? You going to become a mechanic?
Jer: yea haha good! I need to get a car when I get back home and I’m gonna need to fix that thing too!
Jer:  I was just thinking of flipping cars with him when I get home. But I gotta go mom I love you have a good week! And I think I’m going into construction
My first Indian curry
it wasn’t very good haha I don’t really enjoy Indian food to much lol

Ok I have a different one that I’m actually smiling

This is the bible the Jehovah Witnesses gave him.

More pictures!




  1. Hey Jeremy this is Andrew. I thought that I would let you know that we do miss you here in Grand Junction, we do however know that you are doing an important work. Everything here is going great and we hope that your mission has been Fantastic. Remember the scripture D&C 121:7. That scripture always seems to give me comfort and I hope it does the same for you. I can't wait to hear from you.
    Your friend,
    Andrew Bench

  2. Andrew, I don't think he reads the blog so I forwarded that to him on his email. I'm sure he would love to hear from you. His email is