Saturday, December 5, 2015

November 23

This week was good, we got a referral from some other missionaries in Leeds and we are going to see her tonight. Her name is Stacey and she is 20 years old and also has a 2 year old son. So it is going to be cool, she is super nice. Other than that, I am a bit sick haha, it’s just a cough and a bit of a scratchy throat I’ll force my way through it haha. This week was good though I liked it, it did snow a bit but by the time we got out in it, only the ice was left haha. So it’s still alright on that front. One thing I learned this week was that when teaching someone about the law of chastity and the fact that they will have to get married to their partner that is living with them before they get baptized, to make sure that the person your teaching isn't drunk. That was an experience haha, he kind of just like yelled at his partner telling her to marry him, then when she said no he cursed at her and said "why not? I’m not going to get baptized now!" That was pretty hilarious, we talked to both of them later when he was sober and worked something out haha. He will get baptized eventually, she just wants him to prove that he is changing his life before they get married. So that was nice there haha. I know that we have a pizza hut near us haha, but imagine how expensive that pizza hut is back home, then times it by 3. We will not be eating pizza hut any time soon haha. We have our thanksgiving dinner that the senior couples in the mission are making all of us, that will be really fun, so yea I will have turkey this year, probably not as good as yours but we will have it. Thank you for sending the package though I will get it eventually. Also we got some cookies this week, and they weren't from Katy, they were addressed to me from a lady down near London, with a message from you inside. Do you know what that is about? Haha. So that museum we went to is called the royal armories, it is basically a museum full of Armor and weapons from so many different places and times. It was really really cool. I took like about 200 pictures haha. I’ll send a couple with this email. but it seems like things are still going good back home, just keep them going good for 10 more months and I will be fine haha. I am excited for skyping on my last Christmas in England as well. Oh by the way did you ever ask Spencer Missy or kc for money? Or anyone else? Haha make sure you mention that I have dropped 6 inches off of my waist and I need some clothes. Anyway I hope that you guys have a good week this next week. I love you and I miss you. My scripture is 1 Nephi 17: 49-51, I think I may have told you that one already, but nothing is impossible with god! If he wants us to do something, no matter what it is we can do it, and he will help is do it. So on that note I will have to let you go, but have a good week! I love you guys, I’ll talk to you next time!


Love Jeremy

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