Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 15th

This week has been good, nothing really new has happened. For the record my voice didn't crack, I just couldn't talk because I suck at speaking in front of people. It was a hard subject but since I only had 1 day to prepare for it, I didn't have too much time to get homesick haha. As for the things I wanted, the farewell and the exam are all the ones I can think of. I don't really remember what I have in there, but if there is anything that you want to send me, or you think I would like in my stuff, go for it! Haha your foot is still dead? When did it die? How did it die? I’ll just ask you a thousand questions and see what information I can pump out of you haha. Old people are the worst haha, crazy lady just wants to make sure she’s not being bamboozled, by your young whippersnapper shenanigans. (Thank you for spell check) but yea things are going good here, this week is the last full week, so yes next week p day will be on a Tuesday. Also we have interviews on Wednesday this week. The interview is just to see how we are doing, normally quite uneventful, but this week we also get out iPads! They are officially not all the way here but still in our hands. They have so many restrictions for now that they are pretty much electric scriptures, but that's all I really wanted them for anyway, I am not going to carry that thing around with me all the time like they say eventually I should haha. As far as teaching is concerned nothing has really changed, we have had more service projects here so it is cool, I am finally not as pail as I have been because of, well, England. So if you are going to send me anything wait until I tell you my new address. If I end up moving, I think I will I’ve been here for 6 months.  But anyway I better shut up now, I love you and miss you a whole bunch. I’ll talk to you next Tuesday, have a good week!

Love Jer

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