Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1st

June 1

Hey mom,
this week was good, it was kind of long but fun anyways. I don’t know
why I was looking forward to this week but I guess I was haha, I can’t
believe Alec is leaving for his mission in a couple days. Hopefully he
feels ready I haven’t talked to him in a little while, but yea haha. I’m
happy you had a good time at church talking to all of my friend’s haha.
It’s always good to know people kind of remember me haha. I’m
happy papa is still around, all he needs to do it make it the best
time possible while he is here. As for me I’m doing good, just working, walking,
and talking haha a lot. But it is good here in England I really like
it still, I would’ve thought that I wouldn’t like it by now but I still
do. I don’t really need anything right now at all, I’ll be sure to let
you know when I do. I’ll talk to you guys next week, I love you and I
miss you. Have a good week!
Love Jeremy

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