Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 8th


Woah lots of questions haha. I heard that you were moving! from dad. But that's great that little house is still crazy expensive but that's good your out of the hotel. Things over here are good, nothing is really happening that is too different, it’s going good though. So now for the questions, let me know if I miss any.  I am not teaching anyone new just the usual few, they are doing good, beryl the 80 year old women, came to church this last Sunday so that was really good. I did hem my trousers back up, they look good surprisingly but yea haha I did a decent job. When I baptized Michael all I could really think of was not dropping him but other than that I looked back up at his kids standing at the glass and just yea thought about how long he had been waiting to do this. That’s about it haha. This week I helped a guy with cerebal palsy paint his room, he got our number and asked us for help because it was hard for him to do it, so elder Powell and I went over and helped him out, that was good. I don't really go to family home evenings the often but this week we have one scheduled with two awesome families both of them less active but it is going to be really good. We cook something every Friday for lunch, the things we make are super good, other than that sandwiches, pizza, granola and pasta are good with me haha. I make it fine on the money they give me out here, it’s perfectly enough. There is petrol stations around but not as many, no public bathrooms, the soda is super expensive there haha. The small corner shops are better, cheaper that is. In personal study I am studying preach my gospel and just the scriptures in general. I get my iPad on 2 weeks when I have interviews with president Pilkington. I haven't seen those tab things but yea I don't know if I really need them haha. And I have heard from Alec haha. But it’s been really good, lots of questions, but yea I love you and I miss you. I hope you have a good week and I let you know the price of the packages I send. But I’ll talk to you later, have a good week.

Love Jeremy

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