Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20th


That's crazy that it took you so long to get home, well I'm happy your home, just take it easy and it will heal back up. All you need to do is wait!! I do have iPads haha I'm actually emailing right now on one, well mine. We have had them for about a month and a half, they are only used for the gospel library app, nothing else, no internet, no Facebook yet, no email. Today is just an exception because the entire city's library computers are down haha. My companion got emergency transferred because another missionary got moved so he had to go to replace him in that other person’s area. My new companion is elder McNair from Arizona, he's cool. Kind of annoying and jerky, but nothing I haven't handled before. Leeds it good we haven't found anyone new since I've been here, but it is good. We are teaching a guy named Scott, he is super cool. He should be better baptized soon. He like keeps me going haha, all I need to do is see him and then it like makes my day haha. Leeds is fun it's been sunny the past week, I like it. There are different people here like every other race in the world haha, I like it. The buildings are bigger as well, the houses are smaller, and everything is like packed in tighter than the rest of England haha. For right now I have been studying preach my gospel and the Book of Mormon still. That is a good question haha. So good in fact that I am going to ask everyone around me (missionaries), I don't think you do. No one else does either haha. We have a choice to last as long as we can, for example I think if papa gave up (like I'm sure he has thought about) then he wouldn't have lasted this long. I think there is an element of will power in it, but at the same time, we made the choice to die when we accepted the savior’s plan to come down to earth. We accepted the time to die when we chose to be born, they both have to happen to follow the plan. That's what I think haha. But I better go it feels like I've emailed you like a novel mainly because I'm typing on this screen not on a keyboard. But I love you and I hope you get feeling better soon. Have a good week and take it easy. I'll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy


Oh and also I talked to president about me talking to you on the phone, he said that any time I want to talk to you, all I have to do is come down to the office and he will do it. I told him that it's up to you. So if you want to talk to me in the phone when papa dies or even like now haha, just let him know and he will arrange it. He is a reasonable guy and when he knows the whole story of something, like your heart attack and how serious it was, he looks at all the options and will make the right decision. Anyway I love you and miss you!

Here's the question I asked him. Do you think there is free agency in dying or do you think when the lord calls you home you sometimes have no option. Just wondered what you thought?

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