Thursday, July 23, 2015

June 29th

Just a side note:
His grandfather is not doing so well so I was up visiting in Washington with him. Also the talk he refers to is by President Uchtdorf called Be Genuine.

I’m in Leeds now haha, my flat is about 10 minutes away from where we do all the big mission meetings so I don't have to take buses to get to these things anymore!! But I like it here a lot, I’m excited to keep on working here. Also it is going it be really hot this week so president has given us all permission to not wear our suit coats! Who would've ever thought he would do that haha. But I’m serving with elder Dubyk, has from Canada, has a good guy haha we have been visiting a lot of people this week so he is just tired as crap haha, so am I! Leeds is really good, super big, I haven't even been in town center yet, I heard it’s great. The transfer was fine just like all the other ones, nothing really to exciting haha. But things here are good, and they should keep getting better. As for the whole situation with papa, he’s just gonna keep coming back!! Haha he’s a fighter for sure, when he goes though I hope everyone can handle it. I told my mission president about you going to try to call me, mainly because I don't know if I’ve ever heard of that happening. But he should be good about it, I have faith in him. But I hope other than that you guys are doing well? Yea that's all I really have to say haha, but yea I love you and I’ll send you my address as well. I miss you a lot, tell everyone up there with you that I said I love them as well, and tell papa that too. But I’ll be sure to look that talk up. Have a good week! 

Love Jeremy


My address is:


18 The Orchards

Leeds LS15 7NH


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