Thursday, July 23, 2015

June 23


I am getting transferred! I am going to Leeds, finally a big city! Haha I don't know any information on what the address is or anything but I am excited for it. This next transfer should be good, hopefully my new companion elder dubyk is cool. I’ve never met him. As far as that there is really nothing to report haha I’m doing good. Sorry if this email isn't really long but I ran out of time so I need to do this quick. Interviews were good I have a lot of things to work on haha, but I plan on going for it. so yea haha the sun does come out here it’s just the collar for my shirt blocks all the sun so I have a stupid tan line like half way up my neck. Haha you tell those landlords a piece of your mind haha, I miss listening to you yell at people on the phone all the time, ah the good old days that was one of my best pass times, that and video games haha. But yea haha I love you guys a lot and I miss you. Tell papa that I love him and that I will miss him. It’s going to be hard for the rest of the family to let go I love him and I will miss him but in the end it’s just a part of life and the easier it is on him the better. But just let him know I love him. Just make sure you let president know what’s going on and then ask to talk to me. But I better go I am about to get kicked off. I’ll talk to you next week. I love you and miss you, I hope you have a good week this next week. I’ll try to do that as well. I love you! And I’ll talk to you next week. 

Love Jer.


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