Monday, September 7, 2015

August 10th

This week was good haha, we decided to step it up and do a lot more finding then we did last week. Our week last week only had 10 lessons and 10 hours of finding (knocking and street contacting) this week we did 14 lessons and 24 hours of finding haha, it was fun. I feel so tired but yet so alive at the same time haha. I’m happy you are doing better, it’s still going to be pretty hard but at least you’re improving. How are the Knebel’s doing? I was thinking of them a little bit ago because I noticed the picture I have of me and Chad when we met in the mtc haha. I forgot my chord again so no pictures this time, but I have some pretty cool ones haha. I don’t have to learn the language but I’d like to say that I can hold a quarter of a conversation with a Slovak person haha. Mainly just "good day, how are you today? Good? That’s good." and then all the middle stuff goes over my head haha, but then I say "alright have a good night. Goodbye!" so I’m working on it! Haha but my companion Elder Frahm is pretty cool, he’s helping me lose weight, he’s a good guy. He’s from Roy Utah and he goes home in December, he thinks that  I will be with him until he goes home, I’d be fine with that, I like it here in Slovakia. Nothing else is really new that I need to say haha, that’s super gay that the insurance said that you needed to call them while you were having a heart attack haha. But you will figure it out, you usually do. Just refrain from making that poor girl on the other line cry while you do it haha. I don’t know what I really need from home that I can think of, besides all the stuff I’m not really allowed to have haha. If you can think of something else I might want then you go ahead and send it haha. But I’m doing good here, just let me know what’s going on when you guys end up moving, or if you do. I only want to know so that I might have a little bit of an idea of where I will be when I got home haha. But anyway I love you and I miss you! I hope you have a good week.

Love Jer

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