Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 12, 2015

Jeremy has had a bad ear infection. I was told from a member that it was draining it was so bad. So I know he didn't want to go to the Dr. again but I was worried about it. He also told us in a letter that there was a missionary who was transferred to be with Jeremy and his companion because he needed help. The elder was discouraged and a little bitter. He was struggling and it made the whole flat struggle with feeling the spirit the way they should. This transfer to me is a good thing. That elder was having problems and it was not a good thing or Jeremy who was newly out. They were not teaching or meeting any one. Plus they were all sick. So hopefully once he is in his new area he can begin again and feel better about things.
Oh and my ear is still draining but it is going away. These first two transfers haven’t been like a regular mission nothing is happening at all that’s why I haven’t been able to tell you very much because the stuff I would tell you doesn’t matter at all. I’ve already told you everything about my situation here in newton ayecliffe that is nothing here besides awesome members. I’ll be able to tell you about the next place when I get there but I will try to write you more from now on I’m sorry for not giving you very much information but I love you and I miss you a lot I can’t stop thinking about home for some reason so I don’t have time to realize what’s going on here. But I’ll talk to you next week.

Love Jeremy

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