Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 13, 2015

Jan 13

Well I’m doing well I got in to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics and I’ve been taking them for about a week. The ear infection is still there but it is going away still, I am just going to take the antibiotics until I does, I don’t want to go into the doctor again. I am getting transferred but I am not going there until tomorrow, so I still got time to figure out all those questions from you ha-ha. But I am moving to a place called Grimsby and I am going to serve with elder gurney. Elder Olsen said he is awesome he has served around him before. And for the book of Mormon I didn’t really learn anything new I just got a new perspective on what I did know. I’m super excited to move but I am a little bit nervous as well, it will all be ok in the end ha-ha just got to not get my head chewed off ha-ha. I am keeping warm and doing fine with all of that stuff. I’ll write you next week and let you know my new flat address and tell you about elder gurney. But I hope you have a good week, I love you and miss you.

He was transferred to Grimsby.
It is up on the coast. I had a ward member over there by the name of Jo Wenman describe to me what was Grimsby like. She made sure the elders had cereal and a tea time set up the day they got there. I am thankful for those ward members who take such good care of the missionaries there. She said,
Grimsby is set on the north east coast of England. It is a port and historically the major fishing port of the u.k. It is home to many food factories and is known as Europes food town. It is in fact home to the best Fish and chips in England! It's neighbouring town is Cleethorpes, which is a seaside resort and a popular holiday spot for families, due to it's award winning sandy beaches.
His new address.
4 Bowers Avenue
North East Lincolnshire
United Kingdom
DN31 2BG




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