Monday, November 2, 2015

September 21st

Life is good! Haha things are doing fine, I still like it here and since I am staying here for at least another transfer, I get to like it even more. The investigators are doing well, we actually found a new one named Thomas from hungry. He’s a really good guy, the language barrier makes it hard to teach him but it is fun haha. Everyone else except for like only one or two are Slovak. One of them is Romanian, language barrier there as well. Other than that we have one English guy that we kind of need to drop haha. This area is supposed to be only Slovak people but since we are doing so much regular finding, we are finding people that aren't Slovak haha. It’s good that way because all of the people who are Slovak know that missionaries and aren’t too bothered with is. Where we are, there are mostly immigrants living, we figured it’s about like this. There is 80% Muslims (Pakistan, Middle East, Bangladesh, Indonesia, wherever else) about 10% Slovak (not bothered, the ones that are are already members), then 9.5% other European countries (Poland, Russia, Romanian, Africa, not to bothered), then there’s .5% English people (slammed doors every time). It’s really really fun! Haha England is part of the European Union so like all the European countries get in free, then they kind of just let anyone else in as well. Sheffield is good, it’s a city not a town, and most of the places around are filled with immigrant’s haha but I better end this one haha, I hope you have a good week! I love you and I miss you! Let me know how everything goes! I’ll talk to you next time!

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