Monday, November 2, 2015

October 19th


I am doing well, we are working really hard out here and I am still losing weight just like I was before, except even faster haha. Things are good here, it’s getting cold and the leaves are changing a lot. Today we are going to the peak district so that will be really fun, I’ll send you pictures of that next week. I think that I am moving I don’t want to make and predictions for where I am going though because I don’t want to get them right haha. I am pretty much ready to leave this area, it’s in good hands. But as well we found a bunch of people this last week so I won’t be excited to leave them. We found 5 new people, taught them all, and scheduled them all for the 14 of November for their baptismal dates. That was really good, and this week flew by because I have been busy. I hope this next week is good as well. Sorry I am typing a lot of typos but I am going kind of fast because I only have an hour today because we are going hiking so we got permission to leave early haha. But yea haha the story Katy wanted me to tell you that was while I was on the phone with her last night I found a lizard on the ground, there are not lizards in England, especially at this time of the year. but I found it and it was still alive just it couldn’t move because it was so cold, so I picked it up and put it in my pocket with me hand around it and it came back to life and started like moving a whole bunch in my hand. Anyway I named him Fred and he jumped out of my hand and I couldn’t find him because it was dark so he is probably dead now but it was pretty funny. but hey I got to go, I still need to send my email to president so yea I hope you have good week, don’t work too hard, and let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Haha I’ll talk to you next time!


Love Jeremy,

(How’s that for a novel mom!)

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