Monday, November 2, 2015

October 12th



Haha you would like it when I email on my iPad, it’s hard to do though because I’m so used to typing either on a little screen or on a keyboard, not that weird mechanical device in my hands. But things are going good here, I’m still working, still losing weight and I plan on changing a lot more by the time my year is up! Yea I know that the new Slovak missionary is coming in, there is another one as well and I also know both of their trainers, good guys. Teaching is still going good, we haven't found anyone new but it has been really fun just to go around and try haha. I am in a branch of Slovakians, they are good, but they don't understand anything and it’s hard to teach them the simplest things. Half of them still believe in the trinity! Haha it’s really funny at church when you hear something that it just a little bit way off from what is actually right haha. I haven't taken any pictures of myself recently haha I am still losing weight but just know that you will get a picture eventually... patience. I am doing well though everything I have is doing well, I just got a haircut and it looks great! uhhh yea it’s going to be a good week this week, and I only have one more after that until the end of the transfer so it should be interesting to see what happens because elder frahm (my companion) goes home at the end of next transfer (December 2) so I will most likely move haha. But president Pilkington gets released around June time next year. So I get 4 months with a brand new mission president! Haha that will be interesting. Anyway I love you and I miss you and I will talk to you next week! Let me know if you need anything and if there is anything you want to know. Have a good week! Don’t work yourself to hard!


Love Jeremy


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