Monday, November 2, 2015

September 28th

That’s great! Haha good to see things are looking up! Things will always work out though just keep going. Have you asked for your job back at the VA yet? Or even a better job? Haha that’s a nice jeep, grandma looks good as well haha things are going good here, I’m still improving, and I think haha. I got a funny story though, this guy yesterday, he started arguing with us like really bad, after 20 minutes of us trying to calm him down, he told us to leave. We started walking away and he started calling us cowards and stuff and that we were evil spirits, or possessed by the devil. So he told us to turn around and face him like men, so we did, we turned around and stood a good 15 feet away from him, and he started saying that we were assaulting him and harassing him and that he was going to call the cops. We didn’t really move haha we just were like talking to each other not to him, then he rebuked us in the name of Jesus Christ! Haha this guy who 20 minutes earlier said that he is sort of religious and that he doesn’t go to church. He said it in a funny way as well, it was like a teenage girl saying a back handed compliment then flipping her hair and walking away haha. But then we just stood there out of spite because he didn’t really have to authority to say to us and have it work, but then he spit in our general direction and told is to f off, so we left haha. He’s a pretty good guy though, had a really pretty dog. Yesterday was a very fun day haha, this week has been good as well. We found a couple new people from the chek republic, they are nice. Elder Frahm and I get along well we work hard together, so that’s all that matters. My health is fine I still have another like 13 days on the pills and my garments are fine! Haha but I’m starting to really enjoy being out here more, I think it is because I am working a lot harder than before. But I love it out here and I love the people I meet, even if they don’t like my like that guy does haha. But I am excited for general conference on Sunday and Saturday, we will miss one session because the Slovakian branch has regular fast Sunday on conference Sunday haha, but we will see one or two of them, I am excited for it! I like listening to the talks there, they always teach me something I never knew, on my mission especially! But hey I better let you go, but one more thing, don’t sell me Xbox! I bought it with my own money! Haha and Xbox is way better then ps4 anyway so don’t do it! Just wait a year! Haha. But yea I hope you have a good week! I love you and miss you! Let me know if you need anything, the only thing I would add to the package is crest 3D white toothpaste, English toothpaste sucks. But yea have a good week! Love you!


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