Monday, November 2, 2015

October 5th


Haha it's weird, I am emailing on my iPad because the computers are down again. But it is really fun out here I am doing really well. Conference was really good for me I saw almost all of it, only missed priesthood and the Sunday evening session. The only advice that I could come up with for you is to just think about Moroni 10:3-5, it says that you need to have real intent before you can receive an answer to a prayer. I use that scripture every time I tech someone about prayer, but real intent is something more than that. I've only realized this recently so bare with me. We have to show real intent at many times of our lives, when we want to know If the church is true we show our real intent to God when we are baptized or when we live all the commandments as we should, God isn't going to show us anything that we want to know if we aren't putting in the effort we need to in order to act on the answer we receive. So just by us trying to live the commandments and doing the things we are supposed to do, we show God that we are worthy of receiving e answer we need. The answer we get might not always come in the way that we expect, but that's where the faith comes in. Do you remember Indiana Jones and the last crusade, when he was trying to do all of the challenges in the end? One of them was a "leap of faith" he had to take that first step onto that invisible bridge, and only when he made that first step was when he thought to throw the sand onto the bridge to see it. That's the way that we have to work with things we might be skeptical about. We have to make that first step before we can know whether it's the right thing or not, or whether God will bless for the things that we are doing. The talk that spoke to me the most was uchtdorfs as well, being on my mission I have noticed more and more how simple things actually are. We follow the commandments and get the ordinances we need to and God promises us eternal life with him and Jesus Christ in the celestial kingdom. It's as simple as that, Satan is that one that makes it seem to hard or makes it seem so out of our reach that we could never get there, but the point is that the only reason we can do this is because our older brother Jesus Christ already made that sacrifice so that we could be clean enough to enter into Gods presence. I like how he said that this gospel is so simple and child can grasp it yet so profound that it may take eternity to know everything, and that's the point! We need an eternity, all we have to do is worry about the stuff we know to be true now and then build from there. So yea I don't know everything, and I don't profess that I do, but I do know that to be happy in this life and to be happy in the life to come we need to follow god’s standards, leaving all other things behind and seeking first the kingdom of God. I look forward to the day that I can say that I have done all that I can to follow Christ, and actually look back and know that I am telling the truth. Of course it's hard but it's also easy at the same time, if you are willing to let go of the things in your head and start to follow the feelings that the spirit is giving in your heart. I know this church is true, and I know that I amount here for a reason. But just keep going don't give up on anything, I'll be home in a year to help you guys out with money and to also try not to be too much of a burden that I was last time.


Things are going good out here, we have two knew people that we taught, they are for the chek republic. So that is really good, I can't understand what they are saying as well as I can understand Slovak. But it's pretty much the same language. Anyway have a good week! I love and you and I miss you as well. Let me know if you need anything. Talk to you later!

Love Jer


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